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  • So, our pre-Thanksgiving party gave us quite a few leftovers, as was expected. One of our tupperwares got filled with this chicken-and-broccoli-and-peppers-over-rice stuff. The problem was that, while my friend was able to make it super flavorful in small portions, when she tried to make a big pan of it (as she did for our party), it was not so flavorful anymore.

    However, since I am awesome, I created orange glaze out of leftover mandarin orange juice (we had finished a can of them) and poured some over our leftover rice stuff. Voila, a delicious, easy meal. (I basically took everything we had that was an Asian flavor and put it together, and it worked.)


    Mandarin Orange Juice/Syrup (about 1 cup)

    A splash of orange juice

    Soy sauce (about 2 tbsp)

    A drop of sesame oil

    Groung ginger

    Some kind of thickener (we have something called Thicken-Up, which is a very fine powder, but I suppose flour or something else would work just as well)


    1. Well, if you don’t happen to have leftover rice stuff, you should make some. Just stir fry some chicken (or other meat of choice), peppers if you like them, broccoli, and whatever else you like in your stir fry. You’ll also need rice, seasoned with a good bit of soy sauce.

    2. Heat orange syrup in saucepan until boiling, add a little orange juice, soy sauce, desired amount of ground ginger, and the drop of sesame oil (this really only needs a drop, because otherwise it tastes weird). Once you have a favorable mix of flavors (see what I did there?), you can add your thickener until everything gets to a glaze-y consistency. Spoon over rice/stir fry and enjoy!

    Note: I’m sorry I didn’t measure these things… Since I was improvising, I didn’t think that I’d need the recipe for later use, but I will try my best in the future to write it down so that if it’s delicious, I can share it with you guys. In any case, this recipe was all about making it taste delicious, so I kept adding however much I thought would help.

    As always, if you try this, enjoy and let us know what you think!


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