A Organic Garden Has Many Benefits

A Organic Garden Has Many Benefits

For some people, gardening is more than a hobby it is a passion. For still others, it’s a way to feed their families. Organic gardening is beneficial for the environment, and it decreases the chances of accelerated disease in your family from chemical exposure. Working in your organic garden can be very meditative and peaceful, and it can rejuvenate your spirit. The fresh air and exercise also is beneficial for your physical health. It’s easier to start an organic garden than you think. If you’ve been gardening for years or are just beginning to grow your own food, organic gardening can provide you with satisfaction that you are growing very healthy food for yourself and your family.

A Organic Garden Is All About Life

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The thrill of seeing your first red, ripe tomato or watching your stalk of corn reach from the ground can be a prideful and feel good experience for many people. When you buy produce from the store, it just isn’t the same as presenting a salad to your family that came exclusively from your organic garden worked by your own two hands. Many people choose to garden because they simply enjoy gardening and so they can have control over what type of food they eat without fear of chemicals or preservatives.

Organic Produce Is Healthier For And Safer For Families

Often, commercially grown produce is cultivated in the fields or greenhouses with the use of pesticides and chemicals to enhance their growth. A quick study on these types of artificial applications can be unnerving for anyone. The unhealthy side effects of chemical pesticides on the human body can accumulate over the years. So many people are jumping on the “organic bandwagon” as a way to minimize the risks to themselves and their loved ones that often comes with commercially grown produce. You don’t have to be a health nut to embrace organic gardening. Imagine the wonderful way you’ll feel knowing that you are serving foods that were grown naturally without the risks that come from applying chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Research indicates that food produced using organic agriculture is more nourishing and more healthful. In early August, 2001, the British organization, The Soil Association, reported that a comprehensive review of existing research revealed significant differences between organically and non-organically grown food. These differences relate to food safety, primary nutrients, secondary nutrients and the health outcomes of the people who eat organically. Vitamin C and mineral contents on average, in organically grown crops are higher on average than in non-organic crops. Food grown organically contains substantially higher concentrations of antioxidants and other health promoting compounds than crops produced with pesticides. Your health and your family’s health will be better due to an improved diet eating organic produce. Which could mean less sick time and fewer trips to the doctor’s office.

Organic Produce Tastes Better And Provides More Eating Enjoyment

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Many people think that organically grown foods taste better. It makes good sense to grow food using Mother Nature’s ingredients rather than concoctions born in a chemist’s laboratory for the good of all ofus. Most people who enjoy organic gardening report that the enjoyment they derive is paramount to their decision to not use chemicals in favor of the all-natural route. Many people like to watch the tender new growth come to full maturity and, as a bonus, you get to eat it! The flavor, freshness, and taste from your own garden produce is so much better than commercially grown produce which is picked much earlier, is not as fresh, and is much less flavorful.

With organic gardening, you get extra fresh vegetables. Naturally, corn on the cob and newly picked peas are especially noticeable, but this trait extends to all vegetables you grow yourself, especially under the organic method. A phenomenon noted by most people when harvesting their very first vegetables from their very first garden is that everyone eats much more of a given vegetable than they would of a similar store bought variety.

Money Savings With Your Organic Garden

You will save money not only by growing your own food, but you can even make a little extra cash on the side by selling your own all-natural foods that are so popular in the grocery stores these days. If you have canned all the tomatoes you can and still have bushels left over, you can take the extra to the farmer’s

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market and sell your organic tomatoes to others who don’t have the advantage of their own garden. You could share your bounty with your neighbors. A kind act would be to donate it to a food bank or charity.

An Organic Garden Is Very Eco-Friendly

Organic gardeners do not use commercially made synthetic pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and herbicides which are known to be polluting and dangerous to the health of all living things. When you use organic gardening techniques, you are not endangering your local ecosystem, your soil, and your health. If you create your own compost pile, you are recycling food and plant materials that would otherwise mostly likely end up in a landfill. An organic gardener strives to work in harmony with mother nature, using organic gardening methods that replenish any resources used in growing plants. An organic garden is healthy for mother earth.

Growing Organic Garden Is A Green Lifestyle

We should all strive for the natural pleasures that we have been given by mother earth. An organic garden is something you can enjoy with anyone. Your children will benefit by your example, and they may want to participate in this healthy hobby with you. Above all, gardening is fun and is passion for some. For many it can be a lifelong companion. It is not a skill that must be mastered to be enjoyed, and it is extremely adaptable to diverse needs and abilities. Growing an organic garden could be one of the most healthy green living changes you could make in your life and for your family.

By Carla Calhoun

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