Be an AHB Rockstar: Megan Week 4.

Megan is starting to figure out that being healthy doesn’t just happen inside the walls of AHB. Healthy has to be a lifestyle change.

This week was a good week! I did well nutrition wise and some what improved on my off day workouts.

I had some overtimes at work this week which means I work until 8. They provide the dinner which is nice but lets face it, they order fast, cheap, and easy food. When you stay for overtime you can bank on having a.) pizza b.) wraps c.) pasta or d.) PIZZA! As you

can see, more often than not, you’re going to get pizza. It’s good that I know what I am getting myself into ahead of time (this is huge because this is never the case). And since I knew we would be getting an unhealthy dinner, I planned! Yes, you read that correctly. I PLANNED! I planned out my dinner! Ring the alarm, Beyonce! I usually make my lunch and bring it to work but I rarely take dinner to overtime. Who can resist a slice of pizza or one of those lovely wraps? Well, THIS girl resisted those this week and opted for a veggie burger, peppers, and some brown rice from home. Are you drooling yet? I felt so much better during overtime once I ate my home made meal. I was less lethargic and didn’t feel sick.

To add to the goodness of this week, I had two accomplishments. For starters, Erin, one of the AHB the yoga instructors, told me I was doing a very good chaturanga a.k.a. the yoga push-up or low plank. I honestly didnt even know if I was doing it right, but I was! She also told me that she has seen a lot of improvement in my practice since I have started. That really meant a lot. If you haven’t been to one of Erin’s classes I highly suggest you get to one. It is by far the best yoga class I have ever been to. It is fun, care free, and she is so helpful! I can not say enough. I look forward to Thursday mornings every week and just want to keep improving my inner-yogi!

jeff probst

For my second accomplishment, are you ready? I did a two minute plank! A TWO MINUTE PLANK, PEOPLE! And at the END of boot camp, might I add. I tend to get very competitive so when Alicia decided to have us do a plank contest I knew I had to suck it up and get my stuff together. And then it began! I know I will be made fun of for this but who cares! To keep my concentration on my plank, I imagined that I was on Survivor. Yes, I still watch that show and no I can not get enough of Jeff Probst. There I said it. I could picture him saying “You got this, Megan. Win this plank challenge and you will be named the Survivor of AHB.” Pathetic, maybe, but it worked. Judge away but I won! Holla! That little accomplishment was huge for me and I was so stoked about it. I remember back in my hay day bragging about how I funneled two beers and here I am bragging about how I held a plank for two minutes. My how times have changed! Look, Ma, I’m growing up! Ha!

Looking back at this week and it’s little accomplishments and encouragements, it really got me excited to see what the future me can do. And from what I saw this week, the future me is going to accomplish a lot! Say it with me Charlie Sheen…..I’M WINNING!

Be Healthy. Be Balanced.

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