3 Healthy Foods NOT to Eat

3 Healthy Foods NOT to Eat

There are three foods that are labeled "healthy," but for the reasons I'll outline below, you should stay away from.

Food #1: Fruit Juices like Orange Juice and Apple Juice

Sure they contain vitamin C and may come from real fruit, but the fact of the matter is, they are loaded with sugar! Yes, it's natural sugar, but it's still sugar- and we all know sugar turns to fat. They now have fruit juices with half the sugar- give them a try instead- they actually taste pretty good.

Food #2: Energy/Protein/Meal bars like Balance Bars

Some claim to have the perfect ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates- and they do. Some just claim to be a good meal replacement bar because they contain fat and protein, and vitamins and minerals- and they do. But if you take a look at the label of most bars, you'll see high fructose corn syrup, sugar and in some bars fractionated oils. It's so self-defeating, it blows my mind. Go with bars that have healthy ingredients such as Clif bars, Luna Bars and Odwalla bars.

Food #3: Most Breakfast Cereals

The reason I say most breakfast cereals is because there are some that you should eat and I'll mention those in a bit. Most cereals claim to have whole grains, vitamins and minerals- and they do- but they also contain tons of sugar and processed, unhealthy ingredients. Reading the ingredients label will tell you all you need to know. Kashi cereal is what I recommend.