Calculating Ideal Body Weight

Calculating Ideal Body Weight

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The history of how to calculate ideal body weight

If you want to know how to calculate ideal weight, how easy. from ancient times until today the most widely used formula to calculate the ideal weight is to use a formula Broca, an expert of his time in the field of anthropometry is the science related to human measure, including how to calculate ideal body weight.

The formula to calculate ideal body weight

You can use the formula below to calculate your ideal weight:

Ideal Weight formula = (Height – 100) X 90%

For example: If you have a body tinggai 150 cm, then your ideal weight is (150-100) X 90% = 45 kg.

From the above, you can compare the results with reference to the following:

* Excess Weight / Overweight = The result of 10% s / d 20% larger
* Overweight / Obesity / Obesity = The result of more than 20% of which should
* Thin = The result is 10% less than they should

So let’s calculate your ideal weight, it’s ideal whether we?

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