Foods For Pregnant Women

Foods For Pregnant Women

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As experienced by many pregnant women, during early pregnancy will experience nausea during pregnancy. Nausea, dizziness, and vomiting usually occur in the morning, or so-called morning sickness. And consequently, while difficult to eat during the first trimester of pregnancy, causing the physical condition of pregnant women become weak and lose weight.

Though at this time in pregnancy is going on the formation of the spine and brain that are vital to the baby. The following food suggestions pregnant women.

Eat foods that are dry
Although it was very uncomfortable because of morning sickness, but this should be resisted. In the morning try breakfast with dry foods, such as biscuits or toast. Avoid foods that are flavorful sting or using strong-flavored seasoning. Also avoid foods or drinks that contain lots of fat, such as fried rice. The smell of food will provoke nausea during pregnancy in the first quarter.
After eating dry food, try not to drink immediately. Because if direct drinking will feel full stomach and cause nausea dating again. Leave a gap of about 5-15 minutes after eating, just drinking water.

Eat little but often
Calorie requirement per day in pregnant women increased from a typical day when not pregnant. To meet the needs of adequate nutrition for pregnant women and the developing fetus, have fulfilled his nutritional intake. Remain principled on foods with a balanced nutritional menu. When the bias was not eating much at once, biased by eating a little but often. But stick with attention to balance and adequacy of nutritional intake.

Meet the nutritional needs
In pregnant women need more nutritional needs such as calcium, protein, vitamins danzat iron. Eat with different variations each day, taking into account the adequacy of nutrition in food.
Calcium in pregnant women is needed for fetal bone growth. If you are deficient in calcium in your body, then the fetus will meet the need by taking calcium from your body. This will result in further decline in the condition of pregnant women. Green vegetables, butter, milk, eggs, cheese are examples of foods that contain lots of calcium. Never leave any of these foods each day so that the body’s calcium needs of pregnant women fulfilled.

Iron is also found in green vegetables such as spinach. In addition to green vegetables contained iron in the liver. Liver contains high iron. Make masakandengan spinach recipe variation and careful not to be bored.

Animal protein and vegetable protein is also indispensable in the pregnancy. For example, plant proteins we can use existing soybean in tempeh or tofu. Also multiply eat fresh fruits because many contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is useful in iron absorption.

When appetite recovered
Usually nausea during pregnancy danmorning sickness will pass when the age of 3 months of pregnancy. Currently appetite usually returns to normal. And also awareness of the health of pregnant women and their fetuses body will make eating meals in excess of normal. This will result in weight gain.

In general, weight gain during pregnancy should be increased. In normal conditions will usually rise as much as 12 to 15 kilograms body weight. Try not to gain weight during pregnancy, does not mean to ignore the foods that contain lots of nutrients for fetal growth. Because usually, after giving birth many mothers are hard to lose weight back up to normal limits. And also there is the possibility of illness due to excessive weight gain.

But anyway, the adequacy of nutrition of pregnant women and fetuses is very important. Those are some tips for this pregnant mother’s diet.

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