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Health Assistant

Anyone of you are suffering from premature ejaculation and make your sex not interesting anymore because you can’t stay long pumping in bed. Well stop, there is a new cure now that can stay you last long in bed upto 20 minutes or longer.

But the first step is we must know some information about Premature ejaculation and here are some info. about it.

Premature ejaculation also known as rapid ejaculation, or by the latin term ejaculation praecox, is the most common sexual problem in men, characterized by a lack of voluntary control over ejaculation.

Here are some causes of it:

1. Psychological factors also commonly contribute to premature ejaculation. While men sometimes underestimate the relationship between sexual performance and emotional well-being, premature ejaculation can be caused by temporary depression, stress over financial matters, unrealistic expectations about performance, a history of sexual repression, or an overall lack of confidence. Interpersonal dynamics strongly contribute to sexual function, and premature ejaculation can be caused by a lack of communication between partners, hurt feelings, or unresolved conflicts that interfere with the ability to achieve emotional intimacy.

2. Extreme levels of arousal caused by the overproduction of sex hormones. Simply stated – hormones control “everything” that happens during a sexual performance – from the erection to the ejaculation! A normal ejaculation occurs when sexual excitement triggers glands, located inside your body, to begin a slow release of chemicals (hormones) into your blood stream. The slow release of these hormones tells your brain to gently stimulate the nerves at the glans (head of your penis). As you become more and more sexually excited, your body produces more and more of these hormones. The sensitivity becomes greater and greater until you reach the point at which time you ejaculate. Under normal circumstances the production of hormone is gradual and a man has the ability to control the sensations of sex. “over stimulated”. The head of the penis becomes so sensitive that you ejaculate almost immediately. There is absolutely no control.

3. Some physical illnesses, such as a prostate infection, are also known to induce premature ejaculation. In other instances, premature ejaculation is caused by a physical injury that affects the nervous system. Certain medications, such as cold medications containing pseudoephedrine, also cause premature ejaculation. Sexual dysfunction is a common symptom of psychiatric afflictions ranging from bipolar disorder to post-traumatic stress disorder.

And now let’s go to the natural solution to stay longer in bed.

Last Long Pills is a herbal supplement that allow users more control over ejaculation, completely curing “Premature ejaculation” and other sexual dysfunction problems.

Last Long Pills is also:
*Non-hormonal herbal therapy.
*Acts locally on the sex organs.
*Regulates process of ejaculation.
*Acts through neuro-endocrine pathway.
*Acts on the high centers of emotion in the brain.

Here are some questions about it.

How Last Long Pills works?
Last Long Pills acts on the hypothalamatic sensors of the brain that regulate sexual excitement. By lowering the hyper activity of the sexual sensors, Last Long Pills helps you to prolong the penetration time and delays ejaculation
by up to 20 mins.

Are there any side effects?
There are no side effects when using Last Long Pills. Last Long pills are completely safe, non-hormonal and non-habit forming and can be used as often as you’d like. If you have any serious medical conditions, you should check with your doctor before taking Last Long.

About Last Long Pills: Last Long Pills is already known and natural cure for Premature Ejaculation since 1997 and it’s ranked No. 1 for the best cure for PE.