How to get rid of birthmarks  How To Get Rid of a Lisp

How to get rid of birthmarks How To Get Rid of a Lisp

How To Get Rid of a Lisp


How to get rid of birthmarks

The coloured exist in our skin since our birth are called brands of birth, they can also grow even after birth. People do not require any medication to make them as its influence is nothing in our body unless the visuality. As always, in some cases medical treatment may be necessary.

All the brands of birth in a body of the person are not in the same size and color, can be in black, red or purple smooth in various shapes and sizes. These brands increase their size along as you get older. There is no perfect condition for the existence of brands of birth, some people believe that the spots birthmark appear due to vascular genetic factors. They didn ‘t even occur due to the development of the capillaries of the skin.

Home remedies to treat the birthmarks

To help the skin to tighten and bleaching of ice cubes, they don ‘t even promotes the reduction of brands of birth in the skin. Take two or three ice cubes in a cloth and firm your open area. Scrub the cloth on the area of brands of birth for about five to ten minutes. Repeat this process regularly for best results.

The oil is a moisturizing to the skin perfect, helps to reduce the marks and to soften the skin. In most cases you will find the whitening of the brands but resistant to remove them. So try a simple method of massaging the affected skin with olive oil for about ten minutes every day. You will have good results with this step, then buy a bottle of olive oil.

With the properties of natural lemon whitening has been finding its emphasis in many products of face cream and lotion for skin care. Vitamin C and bleaching properties helps to cleanse the skin texture and fighting with the molecules of free radicals that cause aging. Apply the fresh lime juice squeezed out of a lemon in the affected area and leave it for a few minutes and rinse. It will help to relieve the salience of brands.

Using tomato juice to the brands of birth is a home remedy effectively. The quality of the tomato antioxidant prevents and stops the damage of skin cells, through which he removes the marks on the skin. Apply the tomato juice over the affected area and leave to rest for five to ten minutes.

Vitamin E with its antioxidant properties help to fight with the free radial damage in the body. You can use vitamin E, such as orange oil to treat the brands of birth. Try to eat foods vitamin thrown to illuminate their internally.

Like vitamins A and C enriched foods to solve most of the problem of brands of skin. Prepare a vitamin rich food such as paste, kiwi, orange or apricot and apply it over the affected area. It is a simple and natural medicine to treat the brands of birth.

Getting treatment for ways of cosmetic can incorporates with money in excess and side effects, so follow the natural treatments to make them.

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