IVF Treatment – Is it For You?

IVF Treatment – Is it For You?

There can be nothing more nightmarish for a woman than learning about that she can never conceive. Becoming a mother is one of the most cherished wishes for every woman. Thankfully, there are a plethora of treatments available nowadays, which can help one to achieve the state of pregnancy and be blessed by a baby.

The most popular treatment till date is IVF. IVF is also better known as In Vitro Fertilization. Also touted as the most innovative procedure till date, this treatment involves fusing of the egg and sperm in a supervised environment outside the womb. The artificial embryo thus created is injected into the uterus of the woman. This is ensued by a conception process and thus, the much desired pregnancy.

There are certain steps which need to be followed while one is adopting IVF treatment method. This method chiefly involves three steps. They are:

o Ovulation injections: this process is better known as ovulation induction. The female parent is prescribed certain drugs and injections which can induce production of excessive ovaries.

o Fallopian tube surgery: most of the women also resort to operating their fallopian tubes, which might be the main culprit for their infertility.

o The last resort for producing an egg is via egg donation. Most of the couples who have experienced constant ovarian failure treat egg donation as their last resort. In this process, the egg of some other female is used to fuse with the sperm of the male parent. The egg donor is usually anonymous. However there are several precautions which need to be observed before an egg can be accepted for mating. These include personal matching with the donor, social evaluation, legal bindings and psychological testing.

Once the couple has safely managed to procure an egg via any of the three methods mentioned above, they can begin with their treatment. IVF treatment seems to be appealing to women and men from all over the world. However there is a certain set of patients who should not consider opting for this treatment. These include aging ladies, men with a significantly lower sperm count or women with a damaged uterus.

Once the couple for IVF is carefully selected, the treatment can be commenced. There are various stages of IVF treatment such as:

o Super ovulation where the ovaries are induced to produce a large number of eggs
o Egg retrieval i.e. carefully selecting one egg out of the lot
o Fertilization
o Embryo culture
o Embryo transfer i.e. placing the egg in woman’s uterus hoping it might be accepted by the body thus leading to further impregnation.

Although IVF treatment is by far the most widely used method in infertility treatment, it is also true that a couple generally requires three to four attempts at IVF before they can actually succeed. IVF is a long procedure where patience and luck play a very important role along with scientific development for the couple.

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