Mannatech Profile 2 Dietary Supplements

Mannatech Profile 2 Dietary Supplements

Profile 2

The philosophy that proper diet and nutritional supplementation provide the very foundation for human performance is absolutely right in theory. Adhering appropriately to this philosophy, however, is nearly impossible due to the discovery that all individuals have their own genetic requirements for dietary levels of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Additionally, research now shows us that while each of us needs every vitamin and mineral in our daily diet, the needed quantity of each nutrient can vary dramatically from one individual to the next. Mannatech has licensed exclusively a line of metabolically profiled nutritional supplements specifically formulated to address the genetic nutritional requirements of three general metabolic categories. Determining your metabolic profile and the corresponding amount of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins needed in your diet as well as the appropriate formula of nutritional supplements is achieved through completion of a simple, 50-question survey. Because the interactions among food compounds are so complex and the physiology of individuals is so varied, a diet or supplement that works for some may not work for others. Since nutrients are the body''s fuel for performance, the right fuel is the key to success.

The Product
Metabolically Profiled Dietary Supplements
Vitamins and minerals processed into a food matrix and formulated to support your metabolic profile:

  • For better absorption, bioavailability and utilization of the nutrients.
  • For more individualized nutritional support.
  • Designed to support optimal structure and function of all glands and organs.
Recommended Use:
One tablet with each meal or as otherwise directed.

Three Profile 2 Tablets Contain:*(Adults)

VitaminsPotency% U.S. RDI**
A 15000 I.U. 300
B1 2 mg. 133
B12 125 mcg. 2083
B2 5 mg. 294
B6 26 mg. 100
Beta Carotene 5000 I.U. 100
Bioflavonoids 56 mg. ***
Biotin 57 mcg. 19
C 130 mg. 217
Choline 55 mg. ***
D 170 I.U. 43
E 62 I.U. 207
Folic Acid 200 mcg. 50
Inositol 25 mg. ***
K 50 mcg. 63
Niacinamide 38 mg. 190
P.A.B.A. 7 mg. ***
Pantothenic Acid29 mg 290
Boron 500 mcg. ***
Calcium 75 mg. 8
Copper 700 mcg. 35
GTF Chromium 50 mcg. 42
Iodine 100 mcg. 67
Iron 2 mg. 11
Magnesium 10 mg. 3
Manganese 2 mg. 100
Molybdenum 70 mcg. 93
Potassium 7 mg. ***
Selenium 15 mcg. 21
Silicon 2.5 mcg. ***
Vanadium 10 mcg. ***
Zinc 15 mg. 100
Ambrotose® complex****25 mg.***
* Contains only FOODFORM® Vitamins and Minerals. FOODFORM® is a registered trademark of IntraCell Nutrition Inc.
** U.S. RDI - % of U.S. Reference Daily Intake.
*** Nutritional needs not established as U.S. RDI.
**** Ambrotose® complex (patent pending) - Naturally occurring plant polysaccharides including freeze-dried aloe vera gel extract-Manapol®.

Mannatech™ and Ambrotose® are trademarks of Mannatech, Inc.
Manapol® is a trademark of Carrington Labs, Inc.
This dietary product is produced by exclusive license.