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Healthy Natural Dog Food - Part 5 What Is A "free Radical"?

The name, free radicals, might conjure up images of guerilla fighters in a steamy tropical forest. Surprisingly even the free radicals in your dog''s body are very similar. In both you, and your dog, free radicals are the by-product of cellular metabolism. This means that any activity the cell does in the course of a day produces a waste product. These waste products can attach themselves to healthy cells creating damage to cell walls. Even things that are good for you can cause the production of free radicals. Taking your dog for a run or having him chase a stick raises his metabolic rate meaning more cellular activity and more free radical production. This process is also known as oxidation but take heart. Just like the human free radicals have to beware of the freedom fighters you and your dog have your own freedom fighters in the form of anti-oxidants. They are the housekeepers of the body keeping it clean of these free radical waste products. Anti-oxidants are found primarily in good quality whole foods. As a result you will usually find far more of them in a human grade dog food or a gourmet dog food than you will in your typical commercial food.

Pollution, stress, disease, inflammation and food additives are examples of things that cause the body to have to work harder. Toxins are found in our food, water and air. They exist in foods as preservatives, colors and artificial flavors. They are also found in poor quality foods like moldy grains and by-products that the body cannot digest. Keeping our foods free of these additives will provide less stress on the body. An average 50 lb dog eating commercial dog food eats about 18 lbs of preservatives each year! That takes a lot of work on the body''s part to eliminate, resulting in lots of free radicals and potential damage to cells and to DNA.

Every year we are discovering more and more about anti-oxidants that are found in whole natural foods. Humans and dogs have similar needs for high quality meats, fresh vegetables and fruits. Look for them in healthy natural dog food or human grade dog foods. A balanced diet of whole natural foods is the best way to ensure the consumption of an adequate amount of useful anti-oxidants. Loading up on synthetic vitamins and synthetic anti-oxidants may actually create further toxicity. This may help explain both the trend toward gourmet dog food for our four-legged friends and the fact that a Whole Foods Market or Fresh Market is popping up in every town and city in America lately.

Like us our dogs need less stress. Always purchase human grade, wholesome ingredients. The less processed our foods are, the better! Remember, vitamin, minerals, complex carbohydrate and proteins are all best when used as a team. Taken out of context, they are not as effective.

Nature knows best! Keep it natural! Choose a healthy natural dog food or even better a human grade dog food to help keep your pet healthy. It doesn''t have to be gourmet dog food but it does have to be healthy natural and good for your best friend. Feed your dog like you know you should eat yourself.

Dr. Janice Elenbaas has had a long and successful career as a Doctor of Chiropractic. She was the first woman in Canada certified to adjust animals and was instrumental in bringing animal adjusting to Canada. As founder of Lucky Dog Cuisine she continues her passion for animals by advocating human grade food for all dogs. Gourmet dog food so good you can eat it too!

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Natural Dog Food

Our pets are closer than our best friends. They have stood with us despite of all situations. But, not enough has been done for them to create a difference in their lives. So, Naturalk9supplies have committed to create a bit of difference in their world, by offering a top range of natural dog supplies. The Company has been a leader in the natural dog food industry, focusing on the health and well being of your dog for years. At Naturalk9supplies, we have a long experience of supplying natural dog foods. And from the beginning, we''ve set the standard in Dog Supplies. And even, we''re constantly evolving our natural dog supplies with every nutritional advance or innovation. Our natural dog food products are prepared fresh from all natural ingredients, with no artificial additives or preservatives. These are just like the healthy homemade dog food you would like to prepare, without the time, expense and inconvenience, and contain no wheat, grain or other fillers like you find in many other dog foods in department stores. Our high standard Dog Supplies, long heritage and pet-loving people really make this difference. Naturalk9supplies is a natural dog supplier offering world class dog supplies, natural dog food, and natural dog supplements. Natural dog supplements are a vital element for healthy dogs in order to maintain a balanced diet. It helps them to acquire the necessary nutrients and vitamins that they are lacking of. Our dogs rely on us to provide them a happy, healthy and safe home, which includes choosing the best diet possible. As a concerned pet owner, almost nothing is important than this. Naturalk9supplies pledges to use only the finest quality, natural vegetables and culinary herbals ingredients. Our food products do not contain corn, soy, wheat, grain fractions, fillers or by products. At Naturalk9supplies, we strictly believe in natural dog foods (no colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives) with wholesome ingredients (no animal by-products, no wheat, corn or soy) that are nutritionally complete (vitamins, minerals, and supplements). Best of all, Naturalk9supplies tastes superb helping both of you enjoy a more worry free life together. The products you will find here at Natural K9 Supplies are highly trusted, effective and much safer for your dog to use than those chemical laden products you pick up from the market.

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Purchasing Natural Pet Product for Feeding Time Just Makes Good Sense

You may not be aware of it but pet food manufacturing is almost completely unregulated. In fact, most of the pet food that is sold on the U.S. Market is manufactured overseas, away from the prying eyes of U.S. pet owners. This is why it should come as no surprise that Chinese made pet food sold on the U.S. market was recently found to contain a chemical that mimicked the presence of protein when it was tested for the vital nutrient.

Poisons in Pet Food

The Chinese that manufactured the bogus-protein pet food might have gotten away with it indefinitely, had it not been for the fact that American pets began getting sick from eating it. The fact is, that alarm bells started to go off after a number of cats and dogs died from eating the junk pet food. Still one more factoid that you may not be aware of, is that discarded fast food fryer grease, that is laden with cancer causing carcinogens, is regularly used as a flavoring agent in pet food.

Who Buys Natural Pet Product ?

There are basically now three types of pet owners that are now the core group of shoppers that are buying natural pet product to feed their animals with. The first type, is someone that sincerely loves their pet and cares for its well being. The second type, is someone that has a lot of money invested in their animal and cares for its well being. The third type, is a combination of the first two and you are most likely fit in to one of those three groups.

Natural Pet Product is Economical

The fact, is that natural pet product will cost you a little more to purchase but in the end it will end up saving you money. If you breed dogs or cats all that you have to do is read any of the studies that were recently done on the connection between a greasy unhealthy diet and impotence in humans. Also, you will reap savings when your healthy pet isn''t in need of vet visits.

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Dog Flea Care: Get Rid Of Dog Ticks Once And For All

Dog fleas are especially common during the spring and summer. With the rate at which those parasites reproduce it is no wonder it is a pain to eliminate them. In a situation like that, you are almost certainly asking yourself: What am i supposed to do?.

Here is how fleas multiply around your house. You possibly found them on your dog first. They will spend their time on your dog skin, consuming his blood. After a period, sucking blood, the female flea starts producing eggs. The house invasion continues as your dog moves around scratching himself. The eggs starts falling off his skin and spreading around. Do not be surprised if you encounter some ticks or fleas on your bed, that comes as a result of your dog''s parasites scattering around. If you are the type that enjoy having your dog on your bed, you need to bear in mind that. You might not know you are sleeping with flea eggs.

It is always bad news for a pet owner to get to know that their dog is infested with skin parasites. Numerous pet owners don''t take the pain to check whether or not their dog has fleas within their skin. Make sure you always take precautionary measures. As you know, prevention is always better than cure. Flea combs are also very helpful in fighting dog skin parasites, so make sure you use it straight away after you bathed your dog. Flea combs are known to be useful when it comes to getting rid of fleas. Combing your dog with a flea comb provides you a clear idea of the level of infestation of your dog''s skin. After combing, just clean the comb with a piece of paper towel and if you see dark brownish red spots, you can start thinking there are still fleas left on your dog''s skin. The reddish spots result from the fact that the comb is crushing the blood sucking parasites.

In the above paragraph i did mention the different ways fleas are spread around your home. If you want to prevent the spread of dog blood sucking parasites in your home, you have to know more about their life cycle first. Females ticks mostly lay eggs between 25 and 50 a day. The incubation period varies from seven days to a couple of years. For some species of ticks and fleas, 7 days is more than enough to take over your dog''s skin. If you use dog flea treatment effectively, you can get rid of those fleas forever.

Do not rely simply on spot treatment for your dog as the only answer to the problem. Since fleas spread around your house by means of your dog moving and scratching around, you want to make sure you clean every room and objects your dog has been in contact with.

For example: If you have observed that your favorite pet enjoys playing with strays in open yards, it is up to you to make sure the playing environment is cleaned and free of pests. If your dog has a favorite carpet he frequently lies on at his leisure time, make sure you meticulously wash them in hot water then dry them up for very prolonged time. This help kill not just the fleas in it but also the eggs and larvae.

It is also recommended that you clean your home environment on daily basis with a powerful HEPA vacuum cleaner and steam mop. Take your time to clean every objects your dog has been in touch with, that includes all the rooms he has been in. Once we say cleaning, it involves the entire bedrooms, the basement, attic, yard and even the deck furniture.

At this time, there is one more factor you need to keep in mind. That is washing your car too. A lot of people forget to perform that. Dog owners more often than not don''t mind taking their dog out for a ride. For that reason your car is probably hosting a quantity of fleas here and there. Make sure you do clean the whole environment, all the cleaning steps are critical. Forgetting only 1 step or leaving out just one area uncleaned and that is it, your plan has failed, ticks will come back in just a a small number of days.

At all times bear in mind, you need to clean, clean and clean. So far as there are animals in your residence, you will have to make sure the environment they live in is hygienic so as to keep tick invasion almost impossible.

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Dog Fleas & Ticks

Dog Fleas & Ticks. Fleas. Dog fleas are different to those which
infest humans and cats. When a flea bites, it injects saliva to
stop the blood clotting whilst it sucks it up. The saliva
contains chemicals which often cause an allergic reaction in the
dog. The signs are :- Bites which look like small red pimples.
Black, gritty material in the coat, and areas of inflammation on
the animals back. Scratching. What is the treatment ?
Spring-clean the house and treat the dog''s favorite places with
a suitable insecticidal spray. Flea tablets or collars are a
good extra precaution, and spray badly affected animals
frequently with insecticide during the summer months. (the flea
season) Ticks The common tick seen on dogs is the sheep tick.
this has a large abdomen that stretches as it fills with blood.
It hangs on to the dog''s hair and sticks it''s mouth parts
through the skin to suck blood.Ticks are usually found on the
underside of the dog, under the forelegs and on the head. What
is the treatment ? Try to remove every tick when you see it. It
is important to extract the head, otherwise an abscess may form.
If the head is left in, warm compresses help draw out the
infection, combined with antibacterial washes and creams.
Removing a tick. A good method is to get the tick''s head to
relax or die by dabbing it with alcohol. Wait a couple of
minutes, then use fine-pointed tweezers to extract the tick.
Grasp it near the mouth parts, and give it a sharp jerk. This
should dislodge it. Alternatively, flea sprays can be used
locally on ticks. The tick will then die and can be removed the
following day. Regular use of a flea spray in tick areas often
keeps them away. When my own dogs have suffered with ticks or
fleas in the past, I''ve always managed to deal with them myself,
but if you''ve any concerns at all with your own dog, then
consult your vet as a precaution. Author John Moore ..please use
my link

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Killing Dog Fleas--Difficult To Do But Worth The Effort

Have you every stopped to wonder why killing dog fleas is such a big deal? In general, everyone agrees that fleas should not be allowed to continue feasting on your best friend, but not everyone knows exactly why. Knowing more about the danger that fleas represent to your dog will ensure that you work a little harder at killing dog fleas and improving your dog''s health and comfort.

Fleas are notoriously hard to spot. They can jump around so quickly that you may not even be able to locate them. Being able to see much more than a tiny dark speck would require superhuman eyesight. And yet, fleas seem to be built for survival, regardless of their small size.

The flea''s ability to survive and thrive is completely unrelated to his size. It''s no wonder that some pranksters came up with the idea of a flea circus. They can really perform some amazing acts, like jumping distances as great as 200 times their own length. These world-class long jumpers can hitch a ride on almost any host that wanders by. No invitation is needed, they just hop on.

After they''ve arrived on their new host (your dog), they have no problem staying hidden in the abundant fur. Your dog may unwittingly hide hundreds of fleas before you even know that they''re in town.

Once you''ve spotted the fleas, it''s still only the beginning of the battle. Fleas are very difficult to kill, much more so than your typical insect. It''s almost impossible to kill them by crushing or squashing. If you don''t follow through totally, they''ll be able to hop back on your dog and continue where they left off.

Remember, killing dog fleas is difficult when you only have a few. You may be faced with an infestation of thousands. If not, you will be. Adult fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day. At that rate, it won''t take long for a small flea village to mushroom into a full-fledged flea capital. All nestled neatly in the nap of your dog''s fur.

Given the difficulty of dealing with these ferocious fleas, why put up a fight at all? Why is it so necessary to evict the fleas from your dog''s fur?

In the first place, fleas eat blood. And they''re not the least be petite about it. Every single flea bites up to 400 times a day, and takes in their own weight in blood with every bite. That''s every single flea. Extend the damage out by whatever number of fleas exist, and you see how quickly things get ugly and uncomfortable.

Your dog''s not going to reason this thing through. He''s going to scratch, because all he knows is that he''s itching and the scratching helps. Thing is, he''ll keep scratching until he scratches through his own skin. This kind of damage leads to hair loss, skin disorders, even wounds.

If your dog is allergic to fleas, that could be an even bigger problem. Don''t assume because your dog is big, or extra furry or seemingly tolerant of the fleas, that the fleas aren''t a problem. As long as fleas are present on your pet, killing dog fleas should be a top priority. They are a daily danger to your dog''s health and well-being.

Keep in mind though that a serious flea infestation will be hard to get rid of. You''ll need to be committed to your dog''s health, educated about the options available for killing dog fleas, and willing to follow through consistently.