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Posts Tagged ‘Cord Blood Banking’

Cord blood banking is probably the best decision to meet unforeseen circumstances that may occur in the form of deadly diseases in the life of your child or family. Save the extracted cord blood of your baby is one of the possible ways to address these problems. Today, there are several ways to store the precious cord blood of your baby.

The storage procedure is called banking can be done privately and the public. When cord blood is stored in a private bank, it is called private cord blood banking when it is given to a public bank, it is known as cord blood bank. Cord blood banks actually opened new perspectives in the field of medical treatment. Although it is news feed in the field of medicine, but it is growing rapidly due to its advantages.

Earlier, the cord blood was considered a waste product that was quickly discarded after the baby is born, but now a days it is considered a valuable source of stem cells. These stem cells have the potential to treat a variety of life threatening diseases such as leukemia or anemia.

Banking cord blood is a recent phenomenon which came into lime light recently due to the success of cord blood stem cell transplants performed worldwide. As stem cells are an essential part of our blood and immune system, they have the ability to produce other blood cells and reproduce their own kind. These days smart parent make the right decision to save the cord blood of their baby during delivery. Similarly, the donation of cord blood has also become a common phenomenon. It’s like giving “The precious gift of life” to your beloved. Donations in this area are increased, which led to the creation of increasingly cord blood banks worldwide.

It is your personal decision on what you want to do with the umbilical cord blood of your baby. If you want to save the precious blood there are two options before you.

1) Public Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

2) Private cord blood bank

At a public cord blood bank, blood is stored in the database is public and available to the general public, regardless of any differentiation, but there is no certainty whether there would be blood donor saved for the for its use. This is why many public banks are used for two purposes. A certain amount of blood is available to the public and the rest is retained for the donor’s family.

On the other hand in a private bank cord blood, blood is stored exclusively for the donor’s family on the payment of certain fees the banking authorities who take the responsibility to collect, store and make available at the time of need. You can register with a private bank so that you can reap the benefits in a future time. Take professional advice is always recommended before taking such decisions.

Last but not least, if you do not want to store the blood for your personal use in one of these banks, you can also donate to the Institute for Medical Research. Cord blood is also used today for research to find cures for illnesses involving life heartbreaking.