SinuCleanse Nasal Wash System, Unbreakable Neti Pot With Salt Packets

SinuCleanse Nasal Wash System, Unbreakable Neti Pot With Salt Packets


Well, now when my daughter told me how great it worked for her, I was skeptical, but she convinced me to purchase this little nose strangler, mouth suffocater and eye waterer. I went to several local pharmacies and other stores but they were unable to keep it stocked. What did I do? Go to Amazon…where else?

I got it several days later and tried it. Was I prepared for the outcome? NO! What the most trying thing is to breathe through your mouth…sounding like a drowning cat wallering in mud…while yuck travels like the speed of light through one side of your nostril and out the other.

However, my eyes watered, but I continued, and I spit and sputtered while mastering the breathing technique. Whatever you do, don’t swallow the salty stuff…it will gag you to death…or, let’s just say, it did me!

By gum, it worked and now it has become a daily ritual for me. I am here to tell you, I have never breathed so well in all my life. If you make one investment in alleviating sinus problems and breathing difficulties…buy this product.

It comes with many pouches of saline solution but please follow the instructions. It tells you to use a half packet the first time, and that is what I did with almost warm water. If you have inflamed nostrils from continued conjestion, don’t use a full packet of saline solution. It will burn the delicate tissues inside the nose, and the taste will linger in your mouth, and odor in the nasal cavities.

As I said, this product is worth the money.