Stiff 4 Hours ReviewPerformance in the

Stiff 4 Hours ReviewPerformance in the

Stiff 4 Hours Review

Performance in the bedroom is important to men. If you are barely able to finished one time then fall into a coma, what’s your partner going to do for fun, count sheep?

Maybe you need a big boost in stamina, and an erection that will take care of her and make you proud to be a man. There is a supplement that makes the claim of giving you rock hard erections that you’ll still have when the sun comes up.

Stiff 4 Hours is a male enhancement supplement that is only required before sex. It’s not a daily supplement that require up to 3 pills every day for months to take effect.

Stiff 4 Hours claims you only need one capsule 30 minutes before you have sex to get results. Results that are supposed to last 48 hours! Stiff 4 Hours is supposed to give you a harder erection, a longer lasting erection, increased stamina, almost immediate recovery time between climaxes, and the confidence of a cave man. All these enhancements may help your performance because you feel better about your erections.

Stiff 4 Hours Ingredients

L-Arginine, Rhodiola Rosea, Zizyphus Jujuba Extract, Sping Juujba Seed, Rhizoma Polygonati, Fructus Lyeii, Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae, Kave root, and Maca (Peruvian Ginseng) are the natural herbs and nutrients in the formula.

There is no ingredient breakdown of individual amounts. So, even though the formula contains L-Arginine, we don’t know how much. This is a good ingredient but we can only speculate that it will have any effect since we don’t know the amount. That goes for all the ingredients in the formula.

Maca supports sexual desire, improves energy, has antioxidant properties, and may improve overall levels of health.

L-Arginine essential ingredient that is in most male enhancement products, L-Arginine increases levels of nitric oxide and in turn, widens the blood vessels leading to the penis producing a harder erection.

Rhizoma Polygonati used for its aphrodisiac effects, increases blood circulation, helps provide harder erections for a longer time period.

Stiff 4 Hours POSITIVE

• Works fast
• Contains L-Arginine
• Dosage is only one as needed
• Money back guarantee on a 2 count pack ONLY, sort of a try out pack for $10.00
• All natural ingredients and needs NO PRESCRIPTION

Stiff 4 Hours NEGATIVE

• No guarantee on big quantity bottles, only on the 2 pack sample that you pay for
• No penis enlargement claims (just harder)
• No user testimonials
• Ingredients are in a blend

How Much Does Stiff 4 Hours Cost

The retail price of $79.95 for a bottle of 30, but there is no guarantee with any produce except a two pill pack.

You can buy Stiff 4 Hours from other retail sites on line for a little less, but still no guarantee offered.

Final Thoughts on Stiff 4 Hours

On the website there are details about a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but please read the fine print. It only applies to a 2 count blister pack that costs $10.00. That’s still not a bad deal just to see if it works before you spend a wad of money.

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