Take Care of Your Digestive System and Eliminate the Most Common Digestive Symptoms and Disease

Take Care of Your Digestive System and Eliminate the Most Common Digestive Symptoms and Disease

It’s not surprising to discover that much of the western population is either overweight or suffering from a multitude of digestion problems. With the extreme lack of fibber and quality nutrients in our diets it’s really no wonder at all!

Our ancestors ate a diet more rich with fibber and nutrients than us and suffered from less diseases than we do today. Even with all the advanced technology, things like cancer and cardiovascular disease goes up every year.

We used to get much of our food from a farmer’s basket, whereas now most of us get it from the supermarket shelves. This is all packaged food loaded with chemicals and preservatives with much of it’s nutrients cooked right out of them.

Our entire digestive tract is long and complex and is responsible of keeping the body healthy. This happens through the process of whatever food has been consumed. The food must be properly digested for the body to get the needed nutrients it needs to stay healthy. But, the body can only do this if given the required amount of nutrients it needs, and when there’s deficiencies that’s when the symptoms of sickness and disease start to come.

The digestive system is usually lacking in enough nutrients to maintain good health and so many experience digestive symptoms. Bad digestive symptoms are the result of several factors. More and more common digestive system issues are coming into our society all the time. For example, we never used to have a disease called obesity, yet today it’s a real problem in many countries and is even a problem with young children.

Crohnns Disease

It manifests itself through inflammation in some of the parts that form the digestive system. One experiences bouts of diarrhea, pain in the abdomen, lack of appetite and weight loss. This condition has been mostly attributed to consumption of excess sugar in the diet. The intolerance to certain foods can also trigger these symptoms. Probiotics, specifically acidophilus has been shown to help this condition. This will increase the number of beneficial bacteria which in turn will help to stave off the bad type.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is another very common digestive system disorder. Sufferers experience alternating constipation and diarrhea, pain in the abdomen, gas and bloating. It can be caused by food intolerance lack of enough fiber in the diet being consumed coupled with stress. Many who who suffer from the IBS condition are also found to have the Candida bacteria as well.

It is suggested you take a lot of water between meals to help loosen the stool at times of constipation as well as at times of diarrhea to help prevent dehydration. For the IBS sufferer who also had candida, acidophilus is a must because it also controls the growth of this virus. Taking antioxidants is also recommended in order to rid the body of the toxins which cause inflammation.

Acid Reflux – this digestion illness is the new term for heartburn, gas, bloating and bad indigestion pains. Trigger foods to avoid and helping this digestive problem are unhealthy fatty foods and ones containing processed sugar, which unfortunately is almosr all packages foods!

The good news is that medical experts are telling anyone who listens that even serious disease like colon cancer can easily be prevented simply by choosing a healthier diet that’s rich in quality nutrients and prebiotic fiber.

With these and other modern and all-too common digestive system illnesses and disorders, one true fact is that getting enough prebiotic fiber can help us to achieve a properly functioning digestive tract and start saying goodbye to these problems. Even if you can’t totally change your dieting habits at least think about adding a quality prebiotic supplement to your diet! Read this