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Top 10 Weirdest Questions Nurses Get asked Absolute health

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Top 10 Weirdest Questions Nurses Get asked

By Health Coach ⋅ January 4, 2013 ⋅ Post a comment

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Nurses always get a lot of questions from patients. They may be medical or non-medical related. However, there are weird questions that patients ask their nurses. These weirdest questions often do not require a response, but nurses still reply because of their obligation to provide professional service to their patients.

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1. What will you do with my urine?

Patients often question why nurses check their urinary output. However, there are a few who directly ask their nurses why they are collecting their urine. Patients fail to understand that nurses are only measuring and not really using their urine for any other purpose.

2. Do you want to kill me?

Of course no nurse wants to kill a patient. This question is quite popular from patients who are afraid and uncomfortable. They tend to vent their anxieties on the nearest medical provider. Patients in distress often feel threatened and start to question their nurse’s intent.

Some patients get paranoid when they are confined in a hospital. They even start to question their physiological security with their healthcare provider. There are some instances where patients ask their nurses if they have washed their hands before entering the room. This neglects the fact that nurses should be the ones to ask them this.

4. Have you ever done this before?

This is another weird question that patients ask their nurses. They fail to recognise that they are asking a licensed professional. Patients will even sometimes question if the nurse has already done basic procedures like taking their body temperature.

Some patients confuse nurses with doctors when it comes to how much they earn. On the other hand, others see nurses as medical staff at the same level as orderlies. It is never proper for a patient to ask this from the person who inserts his or her urinary catheter.

Patients often ask nurses if they are still alive the moment they wake up. Weird questions like this may seem stupid, but patients do really mean to ask if they are dead or not. They often feel confused and anxious after a tragic accident.

Patients in the psychological ward often feel very paranoid and use the closest person to feel safe. They try to share their thoughts with their nurses through questions like this. Patients commonly want their nurse’s empathy in order for them to feel secure.

Some patients ask their nurses if they can drink their IV fluids. This is common sense, but not all people may know what the fluid is for. It is the nurse’s responsibility to educate the patient in order to avoid more medical problems.

Some patients may misinterpret scrub suits as pajamas. There are cases where patients ask the nurse why they are wearing pajamas at work. This may be quite a shock for nurses but can be an honest question coming from the patient.

10. Do you live in the hospital?

Patients may also think that nurses live in hospitals because they spend long hours working. Some patients have even asked nurses if they live in the hospital. Nurses cannot blame patients as they see them before they sleep and right when they wake up.

Gayle has been a nurse for over 13 years and has a multitude of interesting medical stories, from nurse jobs in Australia, to share. When she is not at the hospital, she enjoys spending time by the pool with her children.

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