What Are Some Major Personal Health Insurance Companies

What Are Some Major Personal Health Insurance Companies

I grew up in England with the NHS – the National Health Service. Everyone in the UK can get medical care on the NHS and, for the most part, its free. Funded mostly by taxes, the NHS has been in place since 1948 and 92% of Brits use it for their primary healthcare. The national health care time table in the UK behave very at any rate, and Brits now actually pay less taxes than Americans do, so Im absolutely bemused when I hear the outrage of chapy Americans when it comes to Obamas national health care plan. America is the only developed country in the world that doesnt have a national health care algorithm and Americans pay more for health care than any other nationality in the world. any individual with any iota of common sense, therefore, would say its probably in Americas best worries to pass Obamas health care plan – but Americans just arent budging. Why?

As I said, I grew up in the UK where health care is free and presciptions are a flat (very small!) expenditure. Irregardless of what remedy you need, the price of the prescription is the identical. The worth of birth control pills the same as cancer medications, AIDS drugs or drugs for diabetes or heart disease. No issue whats wrong with your health, it wont cost you an arm and a leg to arrange it, and youll never go bankrupt from health care costs in the UK. In the US, on the other hand, thousands of workforce a year go bankrupt from outrageous costs of medical care and some loses cars, houses, and everything else they own too. Just to pay off the unquenchable hospitals, protection indemnity companies and drug companies that are currently controlling Americas health care system.

Yet, Americans are terrified of a national health care system for the reason that, individual a pretty gullible nationality, they believe the horror stories the bogey man is whirling (the bogey man being namely, any Republican that can get up and voice an opinion). Republicans are talking just about taxes being raised under Obamas new health care plan (they wont be!), theyre talking about people not being able to see their own doctor (this wont happen) and theyre talking about a system that will control Americans to such an extent they wont get the health care they need (and this isnt possible to happen either).

As a Brit foremost and an American second, I was brought up in a country where we question the government. A horde of Americans believe the party they support so, if theyre Republican, damned straight theyre going to believe the Republican party whos notifying them Obamas health care plan wont work. Me? I question not only the Republican Party but their ethics, as many Republican senators and representatives are in the pockets of the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies so, of course theyre going to tell you Obamas national health care system will be bad for you. Because if Americans support Obamas national health care bill then these same fat cat Republicans will lose the money that gets set in their pockets by the medical lobby.

I now live in Thailand, a country that just recently moved up from third world to second world status and even we have a national health care system. Every person in Thailand is covered, so that any visit to a doctor or any treatment costs 30 baht (just less than $1). If you solicited a higher level of treatment than at a normal Thai government hospital, you can supplement it with health insurance or at a deepest hospital. Private hospital treatment in Thailand however is still less than a tenth of the price of regular hospital treatment in the US yet Thais pay far less a percentage of their salaries in taxes than Americans do. So, if Thailand can offer such an excellent medical care system to its citizens without increasing taxes, it stands to reason so can America. Its also now why so many Americans come to Thailand every year for their health care needs – its cheap, the treatment is even more adept than in the US, and Bangkok private hospitals are now rated as some of the best in the world.

Lastly, Americans bust a gut when they think they might have to pay higher taxes for Obamas health care plan, but dont seem to care that a billion dollars of their taxes are going to Iraq – every day. Thats because former-President and current-scam-artist George Bush did such a number on the heads of Americans, truly having them believe that America would be overrun with terrorists if America didnt go into Iraq and deal with it.

Fast forbattled eight years and America is now paying the price for Bushs infantile scam. Americas think they cant find the money for Obamas national health care system because theyre paying out the nose for Bushs Iraq scam. If it was me, I fathom which one I would prefer. A national health care system that would cover everyone and make my health care needs easier to get and to afford. Not a fake war in Iraq that has destroyed Americas image almost the world and meant that you, your youth and your grandkids will still be paying for this war years beyond America has left Iraq in shambles.

America needs Obamas national health care plan, but until Americans wake up and realize how theyre being scammed by the Republicans, the health care companies, the insurance companies, the drug companies and George Bushs foray into Iraq, they probably wont get it.

Me? Im glad I live in Thailand.

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