Why Suffer Acid Reflux Symptoms All Your Life When Help Is On Hand

Why Suffer Acid Reflux Symptoms All Your Life When Help Is On Hand


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Acid Reflux Symptoms

Most people have suffered heartburn at some point. It can strike at any time but usually at night or after a large meal. The main symptom of heartburn (acid reflux) is usually a painful sensation in the chest which is actually acid from the stomach burning the esophagus. Usually if you have heartburn about once a week it is not a serious condition and can be treated with over the counter medication in the form of antacids.

However you may find that the bouts of heartburn become more frequent and you trips to the drug store to try other heartburn medications also become more regular. In the end the medication you are taking may not be enough and at this point you should make an appointment with your doctor as you are probably suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD for short.

Acid reflux disease is in fact a chronic illness and much more serious than common heartburn. Once you have acid reflux disease you usually have it for life, however it is treatable and you can lead a very normal life once you know how to treat it properly.

The main acid reflux symptom is indeed heartburn and if you suffer this more than say twice a week you should really see your doctor before you suffer other esophagus problems. You may have excess stomach acid but this may not be the main cause of your problem, so I can only recommend an early diagnosis. Your doctor should send you for acid reflux tests and be able to tell you the correct treatment for acid reflux disease.

As I am a sufferer of GERD I thought I would make this site and use the information I have collected so that fellow sufferers may also have that information and be able to determine how to make there life a little easier fighting acid reflux disease.

Acid Reflux Treatment

There are many different forms of treatment and most of them involve simple things like using a wedge pillow or bed wedge at night. As reflux mainly occurs at night when the effects of gravity allow the stomach contents to reenter your esophagus when you are lying down, by elevating your chest area this action can dramatically reduce the problem.

Another way of reducing the effects of gravity at night is with an adjustable bed. Although more expensive than wedge pillows or bed wedges they are certainly very convenient and give you an extra touch of luxury for a good nights sleep. With an electric adjustable bed you can alter the height of your elevation to suit your needs, so that if you do not have heartburn that night you can lie flat, but easily elevate yourself with the touch of a button when or if the first acid reflux symptoms start.

Another way to manage acid reflux disease involves lifestyle changes mainly to your diet. There are certain foods to avoid with acid reflux and certain foods to eat. A low fat diet will help you while also reducing your weight. Being overweight can also cause heartburn. I will hopefully be pointing you in the direction of which foods to eat with acid reflux and which reflux diet is best.

Heartburn Medication

The main acid reflux treatment is prescription tablets. There is much heartburn medication on the market, and after you have been diagnosed you can buy them online. Some online pharmacies can even let you fill in a questionnaire which they send to their own physician to take place of a traditional medical, but seeing your doctor is still recommended. Acid reflux medicines bought online may be cheaper and convenient. I now buy my own medication, Omeprazole online and I can only say that for me the service is first class.

If you feel that you would rather go for a more natural remedy there is much information on different types of natural cures online, and online stores can provide all your needs. Home remedies can be very effective, and acid reflux alternative treatment can be found in many of these stores. I would like to point out some of the resources that I have found.

I hope that on this site we can taken all the hard work out of finding up to date information on acid reflux symptoms, the best up to date acid reflux treatments, and be able to help find the heartburn medication you need.

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