4 solution on how to slim down your abdomen?

4 solution on how to slim down your abdomen?

For those who need to how to slim down their abdomen usually have bad daily habits. Therefore, we will have to change the habits from the start and to get rid of the fat around the abdomen areas in order to achieve the result of slimming down the abdomen.

The common 4 bad habits will lead to an excessive accumulation of fat around the abdomen. The following methods can help you to reshape your belly in order to have a good looking body shape. In addition, you also need to develop a good habit of doing exercise regularly and a healthy slim diet. You can start from a short walk after dinner and then getting onto doing aerobics 3 or 5 times a week. Together with some exercises which are for targeting some specified areas in order to slim down the abdomen.

Slim down the abdomen is not that difficult. You will start from massaging the abdomen areas in circle for 10 minutes each day before going to bed and slowly adding the following methods for slimming down the abdomen. It will achieve a very good abdominal slim down result.

The 4 main reasons and solutions of a fat belly

Factors that lead to abdominal distension are related to our every bit of the daily bad habits. They can be roughly categorized into the following 4 causes:

1. The constantly sitting life style: Do not like doing exercise and constantly sitting down are the most common problem of people in nowadays modern world. Sit down watching TV right after dinner or browsing the internet while keep eating snacks at the same time. Continue sitting down after the food intake will lead to the sugars converting into fat. It will then accumulate in the abdomen.

The solution: Pay attention to the belly: While you are walking or standing, remember to force the contraction on the abdomen and together with abdominal breathing. You may find it hard in the first couple of days. However, you will be able to see that the abdominal muscles will become tight when time goes by and hence achieve a slimming effect.

2. Stressful life style: While facing the pressure from work, a lot of people will try to relieve the stress by eating a big amount of food. They may sometime over eat and become too full or keep eating until they could not eat anymore. Therefore, they will have excessive intake of calories and unnecessary food by not realizing it. It will then very likely to cause a showing of a big stomach and abdomen.

The solution: Apply to the abdominal breathing method: The abdominal breathing technique is very simple. When we inhale, the belly will bulge. When we exhale, the belly tightens up. You may not be used in the beginning. However, it will help to stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and to promote the discharges of waste in the body once you get used it. On the other hand, it can make your breathing to flow smoothly and hence to increase the lung capacity.

3. Poor posture: A lot of people have the problem of weak abdominal muscle. They tend to lay their back on the back of the chair while sitting down and unconsciously leave the support of the lower back completely off. There are also people like to hunch over the body while walking. They will lean forward unconsciously and hence result in an accumulation of the abdominal fat.

The solution: Maintain a correct posture: Keep the shoulders relax, swing the arms naturally and lift up the abdomen and maintain a slightly tension posture while walking. For the ladies who often sit for a long time in the office, the sitting posture has to be absolutely correct. Try to sit onto the chair as deep as possible in order to keep the waist and the back stay straight.

4. Poor bowel movement: Many women have constipation problems. Once it became a long-term issue, the waste will accumulate in the intestines. The surface of the intestines is like a filter. If it is blocked, it will lead to a chronic abdominal distension.

Healthy diet can eliminate constipation: In order to eliminate constipation, try not to binge eating and eat more fiber foods. Eat more carbohydrates in order to help defecation. Drink a glass of mineral water in morning with an empty stomach and have some yogurt which is high in fiber. It will help stimulating the stomach and hence improve gastrointestinal motility and sort out the problem of constipation. If you have constipation, you should go to consult the doctor for diagnosis and take appropriate treatment.

Anus improvement exercise: Apart from keep reminding myself to hold the belly, you should also try to hold the anus. It will prevent the fat not to drop down due to the effect from gravity. Moreover, for the ladies who always sit in the office, they can use office chairs to maintain the upper body straight up and keep the pelvis back down. Sit on the hips and slowly pull up the buttocks until it completely tied up then re-strained to restitution. It can help to stimulate gastrointestinal motility and promote the discharge of the waste within the body.

Shower massage has a good effect: Use the warm water from the shower massage around the belly in the clockwise direction and then massage the area from the lower abdomen to the chest. During the shower time, you can have cold water - warm water - cold water in order. It gives a good effect of burning fat and increasing muscle flexibility.

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