Electronic Test Equipment in Generator

Electronic Test Equipment in Generator

Types of test equipment

Basic equipment

Agilent commercial digital voltmeter checking a prototype

The following items are used for basic measurement of voltages, currents, and components in the circuit under test.

Voltmeter (Measures voltage)

Ohmmeter (Measures resistance)

Ammeter, e.g. Galvanometer or Milliameter (Measures current)

Multimeter e.g., VOM (Volt-Ohm-Milliameter) or DMM (Digital Multimeter) (Measures all of the above)

The following are used for stimulus of the circuit under test:

Power supplies

Signal generator

Digital pattern generator

Pulse generator

Howard piA digital multimeter

The following analyze the response of the circuit under test:

Oscilloscope (Measures all of the above as they change over time)

Frequency counter (Measures frequency)

And connecting it all together:

Test probes

Advanced or less commonly used equipment


Solenoid voltmeter (Wiggy)

Clamp meter (current transducer)

Wheatstone bridge (Precisely measures resistance)

Capacitance meter (Measures capacitance)

LCR meter (Measures inductance, capacitance, resistance and combinations thereof)

EMF Meter (Measures Electric and Magnetic Fields)

Electrometer (Measures charge)


A multimeter with a built in clampfacility. Pushing the large button at the bottom opens the lower jaw of the clamp, allowing the clamp to be placed around a conductor (wire).

RF probe

Signal tracer


Logic analyzer (Tests digital circuits)

Spectrum analyzer (SA) (Measures spectral energy of signals)

Protocol analyzer (Tests functionality, performance and conformance of protocols)

Vector signal analyzer (VSA) (Like the SA but it can also perform many more useful digital demodulation functions)

Time-domain reflectometer (Tests integrity of long cables)

Signal-generating devices

Leader Instruments LSG-15 signal generator.

Signal generator

Frequency synthesiser

Function generator

Digital pattern generator

Pulse generator

Signal injector

Miscellaneous devices

Continuity tester

Cable tester

Hipot tester

Network analyzer (used to characterize components or complete computer networks)

Test light

Transistor tester

Tube tester

The Energy Detective

Electrical tester pen

Receptacle tester

See also

Automatic Test Equipment

External links

LXI Consortium website

NIST 1588 Standard web site


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