Herbs to Appease a Noisy Snorer

Herbs to Appease a Noisy Snorer

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Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock – the clock’s passed several hours and you’re still awake. It’s not such a pleasant situation especially if it’s past 4 o’clock in the morning. Much as you would like to catch some z’s, you find it difficult to do so if you’ve got a noisy snorer sleeping beside you. Many people snore, but many choose to ignore the problem as well.

Why snore?

Snoring is the resulting effect when the respiratory structures vibrate due to the obstruction of air movement while sleeping. Generally, the uvula and soft palate are the culprit parts. Common causes are:

  • Throat weakness causing it to close during sleep
  • Misaligned jaws causing muscle tension
  • Fat collecting at the throat
  • Indigestion
  • Obstruction of the nasal airways
  • Tissues touching atop the air passages
  • Alcohol or drug consumption causing throat muscles to relax
  • Sleeping on one’s back causing the tongue to drop at the mouth’s back

What could I do?

Healthy herbs are the way to go! You can’t go wrong with nature.


  • Can be mixed with tea
  • Has calming effects good for insomnia


  • Drop several extracts with your bath or mix with tea
  • Aromatic oils calms and soothes a tired body for better sleep


  • Lessens digestive ailments thereby increasing chance of decreasing snoring


  • Reduces snoring and are suitable for indigestion


  • Put a few drops on your pillow or bed
  • Lessens snoring


  • Ideal for various respiratory ailments causing snoring


  • Contributes you sleep better and remedies other sleeping disorders

Other tips?

Don’t give up if these don’t work. Other ideas worth trying are:

  • Losing weight to lessen the fatty tissues at the throat
  • Elevating your head about four inches to make your jaw and tongue move forward
  • Staying away from particular foods, medicines and alcohol before bedtime as these may further relax the tongue and throat muscles
  • Cleaning nasal airways
  • Sleeping on your side

Here’s to hoping you finally find peace in your slumber, search herbs for health to give a shot

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