Holistic Facial Rejuvenation - What is it?

Holistic Facial Rejuvenation - What is it?

Non- Surgical Face Lifts

Holistic facial rejuvenation is currently one of the most sought-after treatments, and has been gaining popularity on a national level.

Holistic facial rejuvenation is a safe and effective alternative to plastic surgery, laser treatment, dermabrasion, chemical peels, collagen and botox.

While it does not produce the dramatic results of some of these invasive treatments, it does help the face look younger, healthier, and more radiant without dangerous side effects.

Holistic facial rejuvenation was originally developed for patients with pronounced sagging facial muscles from Bell''s Palsy or stroke. The result of treatment was so cosmetically effective, that over time it transformed into a program for anti-aging and beauty.

The Benefits


Bring out inner radiance and beauty
Improves muscle tone, dermal contraction
Firms skin and reduces sagging
Increases collagen production and aids in its distributions through skin tissue
Assists in eliminating puffiness by improving cell metabolism
Softens and/or eliminates fine lines; reduces larger wrinkles (i.e. crow''s feet)
Improves hormonal balance, thus helping to resolve acne
Moisturizes the skin by increasing circulation of blood, qi, and lymph to face
Improves color of face by increasing peripheral circulation


Reduces stress
Promotes overall health and wellness
Facilitates nerve conduction throughout the head and body, improving vitality
Improves brain function, especially levels and creativity
Enhances flow of qi throughout the meridian system which decreases/eliminates chronic types of pain


Suggested ten to twenty treatments consecutively
Two or more treatments per week
Smoking, excessive alcohol, drug use, sunbather''s and coffee drinkers tend to have severe yin deficiency and generally need the twenty treatments
Patients in their late 20''s - 30''s can use this as a preventative to slow their aging process (It keeps the skin healthy by working on the cellular level)

Maintenance Treatments:

Every 4-6 weeks
Can go as long as 90 days - if after 90 days, may need to begin process all over
Educate patients it is an exercise program to keep skin toned, texture healthy and circulation increased
Treat prior to special occasions (weddings, holidays, parties)
Between Treatments:
Gentle yet effective cleansing
Moisturize face when/where needed (not all skins need additional moisture)
Keep eye area moisturized
Consume 6-10 glasses of water per day. Very beneficial a few days before treatment as it increases the conductivity. Also highly recommended after the treatment

Factors Which Attribute to the Aging Process:

Blocked pores which can be caused by pollution, make-up, poor cleansing habits
Sun exposure and dry climates
Smoking, excessive alcohol, drug use, sunbather''s and coffee drinkers
Lack of water intake, poor diet and lack of exercise
Stress, tension, poor sleeping habits
Qi and blood deficiency

What Constitutes Holistic Vibrational Facial Renewal?

Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation
Nutritional assessment
Microcurrent electro-acupuncture
Color therapies with pulsed light
Body acupuncture
Topical nutrition
Nutritional adjustments (diet and supplements)
Patient Education
Home programs

What are the benefits of micro current combined with pulsed colored light?

fine lines reduced or eliminated
deeper wrinkles diminished
under eye bags reduced
puffiness eliminated
droopy eyes lifted
double chins reduced
skin more moist with increased local circulation of blood, qi, lymph to face
increased collagen production
improved muscle tone
reduced pore size, tighter pores
eyes brighter
improved hormonal balance especially helping acne
stress reduction

How is this done?

3 part treatment that was originally used to treat flaccid muscle for patients with Bell''s Palsy.

Stage I - Moves blood into face muscles and connective tissues, increasing circulation and deeply moisturizing the skin

Stage II - Firms face muscles by stim each face muscles'' origin and insertion. This builds tone and firmness to face tissues, increasing circulation and brings out toxins by improving cell metabolism. Reduces puffiness.

Stage III - Cleanses and tones with nutritive masks and/or exfoliating masks.

Stage IV - Uses iontophorisis with collagen to fill in wrinkles, thin skin, lifts skin. Uses polarizes probes with negative polarity to drive skin nutrients into skin (by donating electrons to underlying skin layers)

What about conventional anti-aging procedures?

Glycolic Acid Peels

Exfoliates dead skin cells
Destroys surface pigment
Dissolves the intracellular glue that binds skin cells together, allowing them to slough off easily.

These work through irritation to remove top layer of cells and force skin to reproduce more rapidly Italian research (VEVY Labs 1995) shows that long term use of acids even in low concentrations may result in incomplete cell division which can cause long term skin damage. Can cause damage with those with capillary damage or small veins showing on face. When skin becomes irritated, swollen or puffy normal tissue breaks this down.


Rotating brush removes epidermis and part of dermis

The ingredient aluminum oxide is basically toxic. The safety data sheet from the government says use of this chemical has hazards, many of which can be long term. It is a skin irritant, it has potential for allergic reactions. If it gets in the eye, it can scratch the cornea. If inhaled or into the throat it causes sore throat and a low grade fever. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer''s Disease. The skin can become thin and more vulnerable to sun and changes in pigmentation. Makes thin skin even thinner and more vulnerable.


Botox is a drug derived from deadly botulinum poison found in uncooked foods and in germ warfare. Side effects noted are redness, bruising, stinging around injection site, droopy eyelids, asymmetry in facial contours. Long term effects are happening on brain and nervous system function. The treatments last only a few months. The more times you get botox, the higher your risks. Also, reports show incidence of psychosis and psychiatric problems.

Collagen or Autologuous Fat Injections

There have been allergic reactions associated with collagen which can take the form of - rash, hives, joint and muscle pain, headache, shock, breathing skin, scarring, recurrence of herpes simplex, partial blindness. Caution: accuracy critical! Fat can dissolve and/or move from where injected.

I do not want to suggest these treatments do not work. All I want you to know are the risks versus the benefits and be educated. Buyer Beware.


Removes Epidermis and part dermis
Thins skin
Skin sensitivity increases and more skin often painful, swollen and crusty afterwards
May take 3-6 months before natural color returns

Plastic Surgery

Expensive. Scarring. Burning.
Limited or asymmetric facial movement
Possible adverse reactions to anesthesia or surgical trauma
Does not address skin texture
Microcurrent, etc. can cause bruising, swelling - create healthier skin

Causes of Aging Skin

Holistic Facial Rejuvenation Testimonials

"After 4 weekly sessions with Susan''s non-surgical facelifts, my friends swore I has a surgical facelift and searched around my hairline for scars"

"After 2 non-surgical facelifts, I felt like the man in the Viagra commercial. My friends said ''Did you just have a vacation? Or did you just lose weight?"

"I am over 70 years old and my skin, especially around my chin and neck was stiff and leathery. After 5 or 6 treatments, my lines were softer, my face more lifted and my skin more supple and softer and so much more vibrant!"

"my husband noticed my vibrant and rejuvenated face after only 1 treatment!"

"Results were so apparent after 3 sessions, sagging muscles and face were lifted, my skin had increased elasticity, my face was brighter and firmer while my wrinkles and fine lines were either invisible or vastly reduced or softened. The puffiness around my eyes is gone and my neck looks younger than it has in 20 years."

"After 2 session with Susan Roffman, my skin feels noticeably toned and lifted and my skin looks softer with a real glow!"

"My skin feels like silk, feels relaxed, especially around my eyes"

"The lines on my forehead that I thought would never leave are almost gone"

"The jowls around my mouth are almost gone, my neck finally looks like a neck again instead of unending chins"

"My creativity as an artist has improved"

"My shoulders and back haven''t felt this relaxed in years"

"That odd pain in my leg is gone after 6 months of hurting"

"I would pay to have this facial renewal even if it did not renew my face because I FEEL so physically renewed and de-stressed!"

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