Leukemia information

Leukemia information

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Leukemia Information

Leukemia is a very scary word and it carries with it the connotation of terminal illness, cancer, and death. This is a great misconception and in many cases, it can be completely cured. Reliable leukemia information can be found on a number of sites on the internet, most of which provide leukemia facts in easy to understand layman''s terms.

Learning all about the various forms of leukemia.

As we all know, sometimes all that medical terminology can be confusing, which just adds to the frustration and development of misconceptions. Leukemia information should be clear and easy to read, which makes it easy to share with others as well. These sites also serve as great resources for anyone seeking leukemia information for group presentations, research papers, or because they have a loved one affected and they want to learn more.

Leukemia and it''s effects.

Let us begin with some basic leukemia information. According to the, ''University of Michigan'', Comprehensive Cancer Center at, www.cancer.med.umich.edu. Leukemia is a disorder of the tissues where blood cells are formed, in particular, The bone marrow.

Leukemia is caused by the blood cell production failure.

White blood cells are the infection fighters in the body, and when the normal production of these cells is decreased , because of the production of abnormal or immature cells, infection occurs and the immune system fails to function properly. Because of this malfunction, the formation of healthy red blood cells and platelets is also affected. These both play important roles. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, and platelets are an integral part of the clotting mechanism. Leukemia can be either chronic or acute, the latter diagnosed most often in children. There is no one single cause of leukemia, and in many cases the cause is simply unknown.

Leukemia Classification.

Information on leukemia discusses the different classifications of the disorder, as well as various treatment options such as, ,bone marrow transplants, and ,chemotherapy,. These treatment options are usually very effective in treating acute and chronic leukemia. Bone marrow donors must be a close blood match, often a blood relative, but not necessarily so. This is best performed while the leukemia is in its early stages or during remission. More information can be obtained from the leukemia lymphoma society.

The Internet can be the best source of Leukemia information.

Chemotherapy is most often prescribed as first line therapy in acute cases of the disorder, and is used in ''chronic leukemia'', too. The diagnosis of leukemia can be scary; ''leukemia information'' provides the knowledge that is needed to educate patients and families to lessen the fear of the unknown. More leukemia information can be found at www.meds.com/leukemia, or www.cancer.org or www.leukemiainformation.com

www.cancercenter.com/leukemia , or any number of other sites dedicated to providing reliable information on this blood disorder. Blood Cancer or Leukemia.

It is important to get the information on leukemia and to get as much medical advice as possible.