Milk, Yogurt and Cheese Diet

Milk, Yogurt and Cheese Diet

There are so many reasons why we love to drink milk. One of the most important one is that it can make you more beautiful, slimmer and healthier. A reasonable increase in the daily diet of milk, yogurt and whey protein can help you control weight, and milk whey protein nutrition is essential not only good for healthy weight loss, but also play a role to slim down your body scientifically. Here at slimming and, let’s learn about how milk products can help you lose weight, by implement milk diet in your daily slim diet plan.

Milk Diet

Fat Content:
Fat ≥ 3.1%; partly skimmed 1% to 2%; fat is ≤ 0.5%.

Whole milk 240ml 150 kcal
Low-fat milk 240ml 100-120 kcal
Skim milk 240ml 85kcal

The reason for recommending milk diet: The main reason for losing weight with milk diet was due to the fact that milk contains calcium which is an essential ingredient for weight loss. Moreover, the natural enzyme and hormones in milk can effectively accelerate the fat burning process.

People who were dying to lose weight are all saying that they need low calories foods. Milk is a kind of healthy food that is not extracted from any nutrients material. Mellow cheese is a high calorie dairy product. Does that mean we should withdraw it from our diet receipt? No! In opposite, milk and products which are produced with it can make you good for slimming diet. If you want to find out the whole truth, let’s see what is the experts say about milk diet.

Milk diet, what could milk do for you?

Director of University of Tennessee Nutrition Institute, a study confirmed by Professor of medicine Dr. Michael Meyer Dian: Calcium and other components within the dairy products such as whey protein can help burning the excess fat...

Scientists have recently submitted a preliminary report showed that if girls in their adolescent ages could cut down the intake of soft drinks and drink milk instead would provide slimming effect...

Apple milk diet can help lose weight

One of the popular slimming diet recipes is apple milk diet. If you insist on drinking it, you will certainly lose weight...

Yogurt Diet

Fat content:
Regular yogurt ≥ 2.5%; low-fat yogurt 1-0-1.5%; Nonfat Yogurt ≤ 0.5%.

Regular yogurt 240ml 172kcal
Low-fat yogurt 240ml 150-200kcal
Nonfat yogurt 240ml 100kcal

The reason for recommending Yogurt diet: Yogurt contains certain types of fungi that can help building up a healthy digestive system, reduce the symptom of bloating and constipation so to make your stomach or belly looks more flat and tight.

Since the nutritional value of yogurt was revealed and confirmed, eating yogurt has become a trend. Yogurt is made from fermented milk. It’s tasted sweet, sour and smooth. It is rich in nutrition and is very popular nowadays. Experts named it as ‘The food of 21st century’- a kind of ‘Unique nutrition food’ that can balance of microorganisms. Compare to fresh milk, yogurt not only has all the nutrients in fresh milk but can build a combination from protein, lactic acid and calcium lactate which is generated from calcium. It enhances the digestion system.

Efficacy: Yogurt can increase the production of digestive juice, increase gastric acid in order to improve the digestion system and appetite. The Lactic acid in yogurt will not only turn the weak intestine alkaline substances into weak acid but produces antimicrobial substances which plays a significant role for have healthy body. Yogurt can reduce blood cholesterol. During the production of yogurt, some lactic acid bacteria can synthesize vitamin C and it leads to an increase of content of vitamin C. According to a nutrition expert from Mexico, often eating yogurt can prevent cancer and anemia. It can also help treating psoriasis and alleviating malnutrition in children. During pregnancy period, yogurt can be a good source for the addition supplement for energy but it can also provide protein, vitamins, folic acid and phosphoric acid. During the menopause period in female, it can prevent the symptom of induced osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency. During the old age, daily intake of yogurt can improve nutritional deficiencies.

There are many female out there are talking about Yogurt diet however there are several different way to do it. There are experts who have done the research based on energy calculation and nutrition on food combination have recommended the following methods that would ensure it will have no harm in health if you persist to do it for a month.

Frist thing in the morning - drink a large cup of light honey with water. The honey should be liquid honey, no crystal and light in color. Honey cannot be too sweet; a touch of sweet would be perfect...

Milk products are rich in calcium. This mineral has good impact for body slimming...

You can have a small fruit if you are hungry such as the kiwi, oranges, etc or half of an apple...

Cheese Diet

Fat content:
Solid cheese ≥ 23.5%.

Solid cheese 100kg 328kcal

The reason for recommending Cheese diet: Cheese and yogurt are both fermented milk. It is extremely rich in nutrition. Each pound of cheese is extracted by 10 pounds of milk which contains all the natural nutrition ingredients in milk.

Research has shown that cheese has the highest amount of calcium within all dairy products...

1, Have a glass of red wine 30 minutes before bedtime with one or two slices of cheese (50 grams).
2, This method of cheese diet with full-fat cheese..