On final night’s part of ‘The

On final night’s part of ‘The

On final night’s part of ‘The X Factor‘, a Tennessee apportion named Freddie Combs done a initial turn of auditions, though on one condition: That he remove weight. I have a lot of reservations about a good intentions of a show’s producers or Simon Cowell, who struck a understanding with Combs to concede him on a uncover if he’d “work on” his health. But whatever their motivations, we can’t assistance though wonder: If The X Factor can usually accept an portly male on a uncover on condition of weight loss, since don’t producers force entertainers with eating disorders and mental health problems find help?

The offer would sound ridiculous with usually about any other contestant, though during 540 pounds, Combs is firm to an oversized wheelchair, and his mother doubles as his caretaker. He says he suffers from his weight, and has already mislaid 400 pounds given a shock in 2009 when he roughly died during his rise weight of 920 pounds. Most people would determine that he has obligatory health problems.

Still, there are a lot of foreseeable problems with The X Factor holding on a ‘Biggest Loser’-esque storyline. The Biggest Loser is an whole uncover clinging to a earthy and mental sum and outs of weight loss, and even they conduct to get it wrong. By glossing over a sum of Combs’ conditions and simply portraying him as a ailing, unhappy fat male on a show, they’ll expected do small to teach audiences, and a lot to continue fat stigmas that are already deleterious and deeply ingrained.

This isn’t to contend that Combs shouldn’t be on a show: His talent should acquire him a mark usually like any of a other contestants who’ve done it past a initial turn of auditions. But usually since his health issues are manifest doesn’t meant that he should be have to yield a health news for a right to be on a show.

Admittedly, a judges are in a tough spot. They could have deserted Freddie since of his health condition, though it would expected seem discriminatory and mean. They could have upheld him by a turn of auditions though deliberating his weight or health, though that would seem cruel , right? Not really. Producers pull bum artists to energy by their health issues for a consequence of creation income all a time–case in point: Demi Lovato; Britney Spears. It would certain be good if record companies and producers told anorexic girls or drug-addicted stars that they could usually get work if they’d guarantee to go into treatment, though unless they can’t work or demeanour terrible, many of their problems are ignored.

The X Factor is shameless about anticipating people with constrained personal stories and diamond-in-the-rough talent who will keep their ratings up. we wish that instead of exploiting Combs for ratings, they assistance him accommodate his idea of display other people his distance that they can grasp their dreams–and uncover their whole assembly that health is as most a priority as performance–and not usually for a obese.

Watch a X-Factor’s video about Combs and tell us what we think:


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