Some things you can do to keep us feel relaxed when you're pregnant

Some things you can do to keep us feel relaxed when you're pregnant

Pregnancy sometimes makes women stress because the body undergo major changes in order to support the growth of unborn babies. But pregnant women should continue to feel relaxed so as not to interfere with the growth of the fetus. Stress experienced during pregnancy because the body usually experience nausea of ​​pregnant women who make their activities difficult or too scared in the face of the birthing process.

Research shows if pregnant women feel stressed, anxious and tense, so the baby will feel the same thing with his mother. Therefore, check out some of these tips that pregnant women continue to feel relaxed.

1. Put your feet slightly higher

Pain in the feet and ankles is a common problem occurs mainly during the third trimester. This can be reduced by sitting in a chair and the foot placed on a pedestal like a comfortable cushion. Or it could be a way to put your feet lie a little higher, this can reduce the swelling.

2. Listen to soothing music

Take time from activities that create stress for a little calm myself by listening to relaxing music. Sit relaxed and comfortable, closing your eyes and let the music they reduce any fatigue or stress.

3. Doing massage

Massage is great for relieving tension and muscle relaxation. If necessary ask your partner to do it or go to a special massage for pregnant women.

4. Try doing a reflection

Reflexology is a natural therapy performed in the leg and can give effect to the entire body. This method is very relaxing, can relieve tension and help alleviate any illness experienced during pregnancy.

5. Doing yoga

Yoga is specifically carried out during pregnancy can help reduce the stress experienced during pregnancy and helps reduce anxiety about the birthing process. Ask your doctor to recommend a yoga class is right.

6. Doing meditation

Calming the mind as well as making the body into relaxing and meditation can be very helpful. Try to do meditation with the help of a CD that can be done at home or join an existing class.

7. Laugh

Laughter is a natural form of therapy. Meet with friends, watch a comedy movie or have fun with couples and families can make a pregnant woman to be relaxed and the baby was also felt calm.

8. Fresh air and sunshine in the morning

Try to breathe fresh air in the morning while walking around the house, because the fresh air and sunshine in the morning can help to relax.

9. Enjoying time with your partner

Take time to relax with your partner can enjoy dinner together, go to a place or two to enjoy your favorite entertainment.

10. Enjoy the water

Water is one natural remedy, such as enjoying the pool, take a special swimming sessions for pregnant women or can also soak in the tub. This will eliminate any fatigue and make the expectant mother to relax.

Just enjoy the pregnancy you are living now, so you will be free from feeling stressed and depressed. Because pregnant women should always feel calm and comfortable for the baby feels the same.