South Beach Diet Review

South Beach Diet Review

One of the most popular of the “good carb” diets is the South Beach diet invented by Dr. Arthur Agatston, M.D a cardiologist who actually started the diet as way to help fight heart disease. As an added benefit, the diet being healthy for you, it is also a great way to lose weight!

Along with the books on the subject, there is a South Beach diet website that offers a huge variety of resources to help you on your diet. The site consists of over a thousand recipes along with customizable meal plans and shopping lists that you can print on your printer and take right to the grocery store.

The South Beach diet is a way of eating healthy and delicious foods. It focuses on eating good carbs which help keep your blood sugar stabilized so you don’t get those peeks that cause cravings. These foods also help you feel full longer. In addition, it focuses on good fats like olive oil and emphasizes combining the proteins, fats and good carbs to make healthy and nutritious meals.

Foods On This Diet

The foods you eat on this diet include nutritious, low glycemic index foods that will not only help you lose weight but will improve almost all aspects of your health. Instead of white bread, you’ll be eating whole wheat and less of it. Love spaghetti? You can still have it but you might need to switch to the whole-wheat version as well.

Don’t worry, though, you really won’t have to give up your favorite foods you might just need to acquire a taste for some different versions of these foods that are just as delicious. Using olive oil instead of vegetable oil for cooking and avoiding trans fats are all part of the diet.

You’ll get plenty of vegetables, especially the leafy greens and you might develop a whole new appreciation for beans and legumes.

If trying to prepare and cook these balanced meals seems like too much work, you can get the South Beach diet frozen TV dinners in just about any grocery store that will give you the exact amount of nutrients, carbs, fats and proteins that you need to abide by this eating plan.


Of course, one of the big benefits of this diet is that it is extremely healthy. Not only will it help you lose weight it will cut down your risk of heart disease cancer and other illnesses as well because you would be getting a ton of vitamins and nutrients in the foods you eat.

The website itself has all the tools you need to succeed. Over 1000 recipes, 365 weight loss strategies and hundreds of new plans that you can customize to the foods that you like provide you with a large variety of things to eat. When you make your customize menus, it automatically generates a shopping list for you to take to the grocery store.

There’s also an online fitness club complete with videos that you can use for your fitness routines, discussion groups and coaching from registered dietitians.


The South Beach diet works by eliminating “bad” carbs from your diet because, not only do they pack on the pounds, but they also have an adverse effect on your blood sugar levels and your health. One of the drawbacks to this, however, is that it needs to be done in three phases with the first phase being the most restrictive. It’s important to follow these phases strictly because the first phase is what gets your body out of the mode that it is in and into a healthier mode that actually burns more fat.

The drawback is that the first phase can be really limiting as to the foods that you can eat and can be quite a jolt from what you are used to. However, knowing that it only lasts a short while and that you be able to add more foods into your eating regimen after you complete it is somewhat of a saving grace.

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