The Holiday Season’s Top 6 Health and Fitness Gifts

The Holiday Season’s Top 6 Health and Fitness Gifts

It?s that time of year again! Hate it or love it, chances are you are looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Here is a list of my favorite 6 health and fitness related gifts. I love shopping on Amazon, because of convenience and reliability. Don?t wait until the last minute; get your loved ones gifts that will make them happier, healthier, and fitter all year round!

1) The Best Gift for the Foodie in the Family: The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of 4 Meals
This is an amazing book that will, quite simply, change the way you look at food forever! Just because it?s organic doesn?t mean it is healthy for you or the environment, and just because it is sold at whole foods doesn?t mean it is ?good food?. Learning where our food comes from, how it is grown, and how it is marketed will not only make you smarter and healthier, but a better consumer for not only yourself and the planet.
2) The Best Gift for The Grandparent in the Family: Omron Pedometer
This great gift is only $ 20, is ranked 4.5 start out of 5 based on almost 2000 reviews, and is an excellent choice for the loved one running around the city or training outdoors. This pedometer not only measures your steps, but will also measure how many calories you burn during the workout. Walking is an excellent high benefit, low risk activity for most elderly loved ones, and will help keep their quality of life high as they continue to age.
3) The Best Gift for the ADHD Kid in the Family: Rip Stick Skate Board
The newest evolution of the skateboard, redesigned to propel you forward without ever taking your foot off the board. Just twist and turn your upper body and core to get where you?re going while strengthening and toning your midsection and getting your heart rate up. This is an excellent gift for that hyperactive niece or nephew, or anyone who wants to get around faster while strengthening their midsection.
4) The Best Gift for the Water Drinker in the Family: Stainless Steel Water Bottles
These water bottles are cheap, come in a variety of sizes and colors, and will not leach into the water. This is a much better option than drinking water in a plastic container, since most plastics known to man have been proven to leach into the water. It also will help you save money, just refill when you get thirsty instead of spending money on bottled water.
5) The Best Gift for the Deconditioned Parent: Yoga For Begginers DVD
Use it or lose it, if your body doesn?t keep moving, you will lose the ability to move. It?s really that simple. This is a great CD for the loved one who has not done yoga before and is not in great shape. DVD?s allows the views to participate without feeling the pressure of being in a social setting like a group class, allowing them to focus on their body and helps them reduce risk of injury without sacrificing results.
6) The Best Gift for the Overweight Reality TV Obsessed Lover: The Biggest Loser: Cardio Max DVD
Sometimes, reality TV is like a train wreck. It?s god awful to watch, but you just can?t turn away! Turn that fascination with ?reality? into a fascination with getting your ass in shape with the star personal trainers from the reality series ?The Biggest Loser?. This is a great gift for the loved one who prefers to work out alone, or is just getting started working out, and wants a workout that will get their heart rate up and their body weight down.

By Jonny Fitness

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