Ultra Sonografi or USG

Ultra Sonografi or USG

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Ultra Sonography, or ultrasound is generated images of the ultrasound waves that function to find out the inside of the body that are not visible by naked eye. The benefits of ultrasound in pregnant women only as an additional examination, which is to determine the condition of the fetus, fetal development and also the position of the fetus in the womb.

The benefits of ultrasound also we will be able to see if there are problems later when the baby is born, for example, to find out about the quantity of amniotic fluid that functions in the process of childbirth, also see the position of the placenta. If there are problems or constraints on the maternal pregnancy, early action can be taken.

Many pregnant women are afraid to do an ultrasound because of the opinion that the ultrasound will cause abnormalities in the fetus even miscarriage. but it really does not have the effect of ultrasound on the fetus is also his mother’s side, because the ultrasound waves that reflect the image and in no way will affect the fetus is also his mother. With advances in medical science today, has reached an ultrasound ultrasound 3 dimensional or 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound even.

While quite common to check for pregnancy using 2D ultrasound, because they cost less than 3d ultrasound and 4D ultrasound. Unless there are obstacles or abnormalities in pregnancy, then for more detail and more thoroughly 4D ultrasound can be done. Then, what exactly are the benefits of this inspection, the following are some benefits of ultrasound.

The benefits of ultrasound in the first 3 months of pregnancy
Convincing the pregnancy.
Predicting the size of the gestational age by matching the size of the baby.

Determine the baby’s condition if there is a possibility of a disorder or disability bawaan.misalnya by checking the thickness of neck (nuchal translucency) if the average thickness of the neck at 14 weeks gestation 3mm above 2.5, we have to do a chromosome with amniocentesis.
Determining the cause of bleeding or spotting early in pregnancy, such as ectopic pregnancy.

Finding the location of an IUD is inserted during pregnancy, such as the IUD.

Determining the location of the fetus, in the womb or outside the womb.
Determining the condition of the fetus if no heartbeat or fetal movement.

Diagnose the presence of multiple fetuses when the uterus is too large.
Detect a variety of things that interfere with pregnancy, such as cysts, myomas, and so on.

The benefits of ultrasound in pregnancy three months of the second and third
To assess the amount of amniotic fluid, which occurs when the uterus is too rapid growth caused by excess amniotic fluid or not.
Determining the condition of the placenta, because damage to the placenta will cause delays in fetal development.

Presence or absence of abnormalities in the brain, hidrosephalus abnormalities, abnormalities in eye cataracts, cardiac abnormalities such as heart cavity leak and so on.

Seeing the presence or absence of abnormalities in the spine.
See whether or not defects in the lip.

Determining the size of the fetus if preterm delivery is expected to occur.
Checking the condition of the fetus through the observation of activity, breathing motion, a lot of amniotic fluid, and so on.
Determine the position of the fetus (breech or not) or a twisted umbilical cord before delivery.

To see a tumor carried or not.
To assess fetal well-being, how the blood flow to his brain and so on.
That some of the benefits of ultrasound for pregnancy. When the results showed abnormal results, then we can take action early to save the fetus. Because interruption of blood flow in the fetus could result in late fetal growth and on the circumstances that have been heavily can lead to death.

So do not be afraid to do an ultrasound because it will be much beneficial to anticipate things that are not desirable. For more info on ultrasound, please read the references from other sources about the benefits of this ultrasound.

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