Are YOU Looking for ACAIBERRY?

Are YOU Looking for ACAIBERRY?

What is the deal with the Acai berry? It doesn’t grow in America but that can’t be why it’s the biggest thing since orange juice, can it? A part of me always thought that if the grape didn’t grow in American that it would also be a superfruit. So I did a little research of my own about this berry. The acai berry grows right in the Amazon. I would say a river is a great place to grow some fruit.

Have you ever heard someone say that they have a high metabolism? Well now you can too with the help of eating the acai berry. Oh but that’s not all this fruit does. It also helps with heart disease. It does this by lowering the blood pressure. What else could this amazing berry possibly do you ask? Well let me tell you that it is rich in protein. This makes it great for post workout drinks and shakes.

Oh there is more! This fruit is also high in fiber. Fiber helps with the prevention of many diseases and cancers. So more fiber is essential especially for men. So next time you want a drink that tastes good and is also great for you, it should be very clear what you need. This doesn’t mean you should pay a crazy amount for it, it can be found for cheap.

There is a palm tree, which grows in the Brazilian Rain Forest that provides us with a most beneficial fruit. The name of it is the Acai or Agui palm. At one time only the Amazonian people knew of the value of the nutrients it brought to their daily diet.

However, today it has become one of the most talked about and sought after commodities available on the market. Acai Berry when used for Weight loss promotes energy and vitality in those who utilize this potent antioxidant. It is available in many forms such as juice, powders, vitamins, and colon cleansing products. All of which are readily available online, and occasionally are offered with a free trial.

The small fruit, which looks similar to the grape family, are packed with beneficial B vitamins, and what is known as essential fatty acids. As the body cannot produce all of these by itself, this is where Acai Berry for Weight loss comes in.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, are found to be beneficial in maintaining a balanced and efficient metabolism. The fatty acids combine with nutrients already in your body to raise and supercharge your energy levels, and the body’s ability to burn calories. Omega fatty acids found in the body and those not found naturally but in this incredible fruit, combine to make you a lean calorie-burning machine.

However, you may need to find the right combination or product, which compliments your weaknesses and thus completes your particular needs. Some find combining a colon-cleansing agent with the Acai Berry for Weight loss very effective. As every individual is unique, we all need to do some research until we find the product that will be of most aid to our own unique systems. Some may prefer a juice, others a capsule form.

Either way the benefits can still be reaped. With risk free trials, you can find the one that works best, without spending a small fortune.

As America finds out what the people of Brazil have known for centuries, we too can reap all the benefits with healthier bodies, glorious physiques and smoother skin. At the same time, Acai Berry for Weight loss helps us slim down; as it fights and removes the toxins within your body to help make your immune system stronger and healthier.

The acai berry is a berry found in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. The natives of Brazil have harvested this little grape-sized purple fruit for hundreds of years. Believed to possess special healing powers, the natives of Brazil continue to eat the fruit.

The natives of Brazil call the fruit “içá-çai,” which means the fruit that cries. The acai berry is also part of Brazilian folklore.

As the story goes, the king of the Amazon had a daughter named, Iaca. Because there was no food, he ordered that all newborn babies be killed so that his people would not have to worry about feeding them. However, the king’s daughter, Iaca, became pregnant and had a baby.

True to his word, the king ordered Iaca’s baby to be killed. Iaca mourned many days and nights for her baby. One night, during a full moon, Iaca heard the cries of a baby and ran to find it. She saw her baby daughter lying under a tree with purple fruit.

She ran to her baby and sat there crying and holding her baby. The next day, when Iaca was nowhere to be found, the king sent his men out to find her. They found her dead under the tree, her arms around the trunk, holding it, and looking up into the center of the purple-fruited tree.

The king so distraught over the loss of his daughter rescinded his order to have all newborns killed. He was also so happy to see the fruit, which he ordered named Acai, after his daughter, which is Iaca backwards. The king moved his people to the area surrounding the tree. His people became more energetic as they ate the fruit and lived long, healthy lives.



As the talk of this new fruit spread, Brazilians, within the cities, also discovered the acai berry. It is now one of the most common breakfast fruits in Brazil. Acai berries are also recommended to participants of workouts and futebol (soccer) players prior to their games to help give them energy. The futebol players take the berries and mix the frozen pulp with guarana (a fruit that contains twice as much caffeine as a coffee bean) as a natural energy booster.

With the popularity of this little berry, doctors and researchers decided to run studies to find out what properties this purple berry from the Amazon held. It was discovered that the acai berry possesses more antioxidants and health properties than any other fruit in the world. After the research and studies were done, the acai berry was introduced all over Brazil where it was made into fruit bars, and drinks, such as smoothies. After the introduction into the health world, the acai berry became more popular than ever.

Even with all the health benefits that the acai berry provides, it has only been recently that the acai berry was introduced to the United States. However, this little berry, claimed to be the “number one super food in the world,” continues to live up to its claims.