Best Binaural Beats?

Best Binaural Beats?

How to you find the best binaural beats?

What makes some binaural beats better than others?

To answer this question, we need to first understand the

Difference Between “Basic Science” and “Craft and Art” of Any Product Development

Science is the easy part, but the real implementation is an art which is complex and which is more like a craft, which means that some are better at it than others, and also that the best is far better than the average.

Example: How to Paint a Vase of Flowers

Any student of fine arts learn to paint flowers, I call this learning (that can be taught) science part.

But, as a painter develops his craft or art, he or she becomes better and unique and that is why a Van Gogh painting costs millions.

Example: How to Make an Atom Bomb

We all study in school the Einstein’s formula: E = MC2

But, to build the first atom bomb, America put together a team of over 5,000 scientists, engineers, managers. And, only a handful of countries have been able to create atom bombs so far.

Example: How to Bake a Cake

Most of us know how to bake a cake. But, we also know not all cakes are baked equal.

The difference is that to bake a really good cake, you must have already had a lot of experience baking cakes and made mistake and improved and fine tuned your own skills of timing, smell, temperature, and ingredients to create a “sumptuous cake” that can be called work of art.

Example: How to Design and MP3 Player

There were many mp3 players before Steve Jobs created iPod. While others were hard to use, iPod is a pure joy to use. This is what I mean by difference between “science” and “craft & art” of developing a product.

Science and Art of Binaural Beats

The science of binaural beats was made popular by Michael Hutchison’s wonderful book Mega Brain (1986).

Michael explained that if you give the sound of 500Hz in one ear and 510Hz in the other ear, then the mind hears a third sound which is 510 – 500 = 10 Hz (or 10 cycles per second) and this sound is what you hear inside the head and this sound does not exist in the external world.

So, a lot of people created binaural beats based music.

Many Tapes Gave Me Headache

I purchased many of those during 1988 to 1991 and except for Hemi-Sync of Robert Monroe, all gave me headache.

You see Robert Monroe was the person who first mastered binaural beats and then patented it.

To protect his “mastered craft and art” he gave a description that was correct as far as science was concerned, but it was far from what is needed to create soothing powerful binaural beats.

I Took 13 Years to Master Development of Binaural Beats

I started creating binaural beats in 1992, but the resulting sounds gave me headache. I could not understand why because I was using the best of information available (I call this science). I even subscribed to a highly specialized monthly publication called Mega Brain Report.

It took me 13 years to figure out the secret or to master the art and in 2004 I released my Genius CD.

This seems crazy considering that I am a trained engineer with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from two of India’s best engineering colleges (BITS and IIT) and a former software engineer at Intel in California and that I’ve been a best-selling author of a computer book in 1990 in USA.

But, that is the difference between products created based on “basic science” and “mastered craft or art”.

Even Today Most Binaural Beats Products are Based on “Basic Science”

And, they give me headache or a certain sense of discomfort.

Warning: Get Only the Best of Binaural Beats

I recommend products only

  • Myself
  • Hemi-Sync (even though Hemi-Sync products compete with my own products, I still recommend Hemi-Sync because they are also excellent, and I want you to have a second source of excellent products)

If you buy other binarual beats products (including binaural beats generator software), use the resulting music in peace and if you know some meditation, then use it when you are in the state of meditation, because in that state, you’ll be able to evaluate it in a very fine way. And, if it makes you feel better, use it. But, if it makes you uncomfortable in any way, then just stop it because it is not a creation of a “master craftsman and artist”.