Does Meridia Work?(Meridia Reviews/Stories)PaulaFor about the

Does Meridia Work?(Meridia Reviews/Stories)PaulaFor about the

Does Meridia Work?

(Meridia Reviews/Stories)


For about the last 10 days,I have been taking10 mg Meridia.. But for the last 2-3 days I have had a rash on my cheeks and upper body. I have also been experiencing severe itching and tingling on my scalp. I have stopped use of this medication and this is in response to your call for feed-back from people who are or have used Meridia.


I was using Meridia for about 4 weeks, when I got a headache like I had felt before. The headache stayed for a week. After two days I went to my Employee Health office and they saw that my blood pressure was up from its normal 110/65. I quit Meridia straight away and saw my doctor. On the third day I experienced stroke like symptoms; my mouth and the tip of my nose felt numb. I noticed that my left arm and leg were lethargic. I am a typist and the arm would not work properly with my right arm. My pulse, at rest was 116 and it is usually around 69-73. It took 6 weeks for these symptoms to go away completely, but I did lose 15lbs in the four weeks I took the Meridia.


I began taking 10mg Meridia 6 days ago. In the first couple of days I insomnia and anxiety, but this got better by day 4. I had bad fluid retention on days 4-6 and an increase in blood pressure and pulse rate. I stopped the Meridia today (day 7) because menstrual period started only 8 days after the end of my last menstruation! This week I felt the effect of Meridia working on my appetite, but because of all the side effects I experienced, (agitation etc)I ate more and gained a pound.


Donald D

3 months ago I started using Meridia and what a difference it made. I have lost weight and I feel fantastic. I have had a dry mouth but - no biggy. If you want to lose some serious weight, this is the product for you..

Heather Z.

I was on phentermine around 3 yrs ago and lost 40lbs. But put back on 25 after a terrible life event. Phentermine did not work so good the second time and I struggled with the side effects so I tried Meridia . It curbs my appetite and controls cravings well. I don’t think about food all the time anymore. I have no anxiety, or any of the other side effects I got with phentermine and actually I feel quite normal again. I eat small meals all through the day hand have great control. This sure isn''t a quick fix pill, but is a great answer for restoring sanity and a healthy relationship with food again. I lost 9 lbs in the first 2 weeks. Only 16 more to my goal!


I used Meridia for June and July 2006, people kept asking me if I was losing weight. Like most diet drugs, you have to exercise and have a restricted calorie diet.


I have been taking Meridia since November 2006 and have lost 22 lbs, stay with this it does work.


I just started with this, some days I want to eat and some I just don’t. I am certain I will reach my goals.


This did nothing for my appetite.


I only lost 3 lbs in 3 weeks.


I was 40 lbs overweigh and suffering from high cholesterol, and feelings of lethargy, my Doctor prescribed Meridia 10mg. It helped control my appetite so I could have time to think about what I was eating instead of snatching the nearest bag of chips. After I lost my first 15 lbs, in less than a month, I joined the gym 40 1bs and 6 months later I wanted to stop using Meridia. So I have been off the Meridia for three months but I feel great. The only side effect I experienced was INCREASED SEX DRIVE I don’t think that is something to complain about but my MY CHOLESTEROLLEVELS CAME DOWN and my blood pressure remained low the entire time I took Meridia!


I have been using 10mg Reductil 10mg for about 6 days. I do feel dizzy and a bit sick but I also feel high all the time, the last few days people at work must be wondering what is wrong with me! I can''t stop eating wrong foods... but my period is due and I hope this goes away in a week. It seems to be curbing my appetite so I will still with it for the 4 weeks and see if I can start eating sensibly. I am very dizzy and yesterday couldn''t walk straight so I spilled hot tea on a colleagues desk – hope I don’t do that again!. I''ll keep in touch. :-)


I love this drug, I lost 7lbs on a month. Pity it is so expensive.


I took Meridia in 2002, together with Xenical and exercise and dropped 5 pants sizes.


I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks but fell off the wagon and am eating like a horse again

Kylie L

I had a sore sore throat 1 hour after taking the drug.


Worked for me for a couple of week, but then nothing ??? waste of money.


I lost 5lbs so far and it is only week 1, I count calories instead of carbs and t seems to work!


Great stuff


I only lost 10lbs, plus my appetite didn’t go away.


This Meridia is a excellent diet pill, but if u want to stop taking it, don''t stop all at once. Take it every second day and until you get off, or u will gain ur weight back, also remember to exercise and count calories, it works.