Health Tips » walking

Health Tips » walking

Wed, 10 Oct 2012 05:01:13 +0000en-UShourly1 Impact Cardio For Seniors, 23 Aug 2012 04:05:09 +0000Bharath is no age requirement for a person to engage in low-impact aerobic exercise, which makes it a perfect activity for seniors. Aerobic is defined as a person’s body using an increase in oxygen to engage in some type of …Read more »]]>There is no age requirement for a person to engage in low-impact aerobic exercise, which makes it a perfect activity for seniors.

Aerobic is defined as a person’s body using an increase in oxygen to engage in some type of physical activity. During aerobic activity the body’s heart rate and breathing increase as its oxygen use also increases.

It has been documented that people who engage in regular physical activity have less incidences of cardiovascular disease; lower rates of diabetes and are more likely to avoid certain types of cancer as well as be less susceptible to injury.

Low impact aerobic exercises include everything from walking to cycling and more.

Walking is the type of common activity that can be done by almost anyone at any location. To do more than just a short walk it is important for a senior to get a good pair of shoes.

Initially they should walk a distance that is comfortable for them and then gradually increase it. One important thing to remember is if a person is unable to breathe easily and speak at the same time they’re probably walking too fast.

Hiking is different from simply walking as it is done in a wooded area. The big difference is a hiker has to deal with going up dirt trails, over rocks, around trees and more. They must be aware of the trail’s markings and avoid unpleasant plants and animals. It is a great low-impact aerobic exercise that can provide some very beautiful views of nature.

Cycling is the type of low impact aerobic activity that can be done on a regular bicycle or on a stationary bike.

When cycling outdoors safety is an important consideration. It’s imperative to get a bike that fits the size and abilities of the senior who will be using it. If balance is an issue there are three wheeled bikes. Recumbent bikes offer the user a lower center of gravity. If peddling is a problem there are bikes called hand cycles, which can be peddled using the upper body.

A protective helmet should always be worn when cycling outside. When cycling in traffic it’s important to remember the bicyclist must also obey traffic laws.

Riding a stationary bike is great way to get exercise during periods of bad weather. Since the scenery doesn’t change, it’s easy to become bored while doing it. It may be best to locate the stationary bike near a television or have some type of music playing to make the time go by quickly.

So many people think that dancing is fun; they often forget that it actually provides an aerobic benefit. Not only does it improve balance and breathing, but as long as proper footwear is worn it doesn’t stress the joints. Senior dance clubs are quite popular for the social interaction they provide. The type of dance isn’t as important as just simply dancing.

Swimming is a low-impact aerobic activity that’s perfect for seniors. Since a person weighs much less in water than they do on land, there is no stress to the joints. It’s the type of aerobic exercise that helps people who have arthritis or are obese. Anyone can easily start swimming laps slowly and then gradually increase to build up their endurance. Swimming is the kind of activity that enables a person who has lived a sedentary life to increase their strength and muscle tone in order to move onto a more demanding type of exercise.

Water aerobics enables people to work with different flotation devices during a routine similar to a dance routine.

Seniors who are able to join an exercise club may be interested in using elliptical machines. They are designed to enable a person to experience all the benefits of running without the suffering stress on their joints.

No matter what low-impact aerobic activity is chosen, it’s important that all seniors stay as active as possible. The increased lung capacity, muscle strengthening, improvement in circulation are just some of the many benefits seniors experience when they partake in low-impact aerobics.

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