How to Check Pregnancy at Home Naturally - Health Orane

How to Check Pregnancy at Home Naturally - Health Orane

How to Check Pregnancy at Home Naturally

By Manisha Bajaj on April 12, 2016 in Health TipsTagged Home Pregnancy Test, Pregnancy Care Tips, Pregnancy Test Methods

Unlike modern pregnancy tester available, we had no options in ancient times. But they still had some ancient methods to check pregnancy. But now the time changes and we have a lot of methods to check the pregnancy at home rather than going into hospitals and spending a lot of money just on a pregnancy test. Beside these test, there are signs and symptoms that make a lady aware of her pregnancy. So we have many simple and technical test to check the pregnancy at home naturally as given below:

How to Check Pregnancy at Home Naturally

This method is common from ancient times and also preferred nowadays because this method is very simple and gives us accurate and effective results. We cut the leaves from the dandelion flower and wash it properly with water and place it in a clean plastic container having water in it. Be careful about sunlight that leaves should not be in contact with sunlight after they are from a tree and while leaves placed in a plastic container because it may give a false result. Then in the morning women should directly urinate on the leaves and after 10 minutes check the leaves if there are red blister that means that result is positive and women is pregnant.

Toothpaste is a traditional method to check pregnancy. To use this method, pour some urine into white toothpaste. After sometimes check if the urine turns out to be blue, this proves the pregnancy. This is a positive result to your pregnancy. Be cautious to use it in the early morning.

This is yet another method to check pregnancy but it is not preferred too much because it does not always give an accurate result, as this statement is given by some ladies who use this method to test pregnancy.

To use this method, gather urine samples in some container or jar. Pour some soap lather into this urine sample. If it solutions bubbles after some time that means a positive pregnancy check.

This is a confirmed pregnancy check. Collect some urine in a container or jar and remain it undisturbed for 3-4 hours and check it after 3-4 hours, if white film accumulates on the surface of urine then the result is positive.

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Get approximately one fourth cup of Tuna juice and Vinegar solution in a jar. Place this solution undisturbed overnight and In the morning pour some urine in that solution if the solution turns bright green in color,  the result is positive.

Simple, Popular and affordable also. Watch video below

Thats all about the best-chosen methods to give you sure shot results for your pregnancy check. In case you are not confirmed with these, you can either consult a doctor or use some pregnancy kits. Visit us for more information about your health.

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