Is A High Protein Diet Good For You?

Is A High Protein Diet Good For You?

For those questioning what a high protein diet can do for you, then read on. There is a cap on how little or how much protein is sufficient in a daily diet.

The recommendation from The USDA Food Guide Pyramid is an person should get two to three servings of a meat product and two to three servings of milk products everyday. It is important to keep your consumption of fats extremely low. While eating meat, it is important to keep the serving size of meat to only 3 or 4 ounces. The size is generally compared to the size of a deck of cards. Get in a single cup of milk per day and eat two ounces of cheese a day. They are the fundamentals to maintenance your body healthy.

Recommended Protein Intake

You may be thinking how much protein does your body need? Not to fret, plenty of people who live in 1st and 2nd world countries get their justifiable share of protein. Most get too much protein in their diet. Too little protein or too much protein isn’t good. An average person only needs eight grams of protein per 20 pounds or 9.1 kilos of body weight. If you happen to calculate this out, it comes in approximately 45 to 70 grams of protein daily for most adult females and males. Yet if you really sit down and have a look at the amount of protein you take in daily, many will consume two times as much.

The foundation and building block for your body is Protein. For the muscular tissues, this is the key element and is important for the creation of cells. Your immune system is directly tied to protein. A weak immune system may very well be treated with a simple increase in low carb protein. Should you be susceptible to allergies, virus, and disease, then you may have a protein deficiency. If you are going into the hospital for an kind of surgery, a wound, or burn, protein will aid in the quick repair of tissue. It is important in the healing process.

The saying, “An apple a day helps keep the doctor away” is merely half true. Our bodies need much more than just an apple. We’d like many different foods each day to stay healthy. Meat is the most typical form of protein intake. Yet milk and egg whites are also rich in good proteins. Egg whites is recommended to possess the most complete proteins and a favorite with body builders. Together with good protein there’s bad fats. To cut back the intake of these bad fats it is strongly recommended to get rid of the yoke from your meal and only eat the egg whites. Purchase meat which is lean and low in fat content. Food preparation should include only oils low in fat or try baking, broiling, barbecuing, or boiling your meats. This can provide a scrumptious meal without the extra fat that may cause injury to your body.

Protein For Vegetarians

For people who are Vegans or Vegetarians do not be concerned, you too can get enough protein as part of your diet. Beans and lentils including a variety of vegetables and grains are high in protein. Mixing beans with other vegetables and grains will easily complete an adequate protein daily intake. Yet, for body builders, meat provides a few more benefits that cannot be found in any other food. Meat provides natural Creatine. Creatine is a nitrogenous natural acid that happens naturally in vertebrates and will help to supply power to muscle.

If you are ingestion a great deal of protein, then your body will need a lot of calcium to keep up with your consumption. One bad side effect of ingestion too much protein is bone weakening.

Why Does Protein Cause Bone Weakening?

Bone strength and even bone loss is tied to calcium. A lack of calcium means weak bones. When you intake too much protein, your body responses by increasing urination. Along with removing the waste from your body, it also removes badly needed calcium. So essentially you are urinating all your calcium away. At this point you need to increase your levels of calcium. Yet too much calcium can cause other problems for the body. Your best bet is too balance out your diet and only ingest the recommended intake of protein, unless otherwise recommended by your doctor or trainer.

For those that are body building, training to tone your body, very active or play a lot of sports, you may need a more protein. Supplements tend to provide a very high concentration of proteins that are targeted for a certain activity. They provide a protein benefit that is hard to achieve when ingestion just foods. Whey proteins were made for such a thing. Many of todays proteins mix in the right amount of calcium to keep your body in balance.

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