Burning Fat With Low Intensity Exercise-Is It Possible?

Burning Fat With Low Intensity Exercise-Is It Possible?

It is believed lower intensity exercising for a long time will not lead to burning of lots of fat, a little bit confusing but very understandable. It is also clear that the fat burning percentage is a bit higher when one is engaged in a lower intensity. Nonetheless, if you walk or run faster, you will be using lots of calories in every minute. The crucial focus on weight control of fat and exercise is the number of calories being heated during a specific activity. Thus, if you can and your doctor has given the green light, you can engage in lots of high intensity in fitness training to burn as much calories as you can in the shortest period of time.

On the other hand, high intensity exercises are not very easy to accomplish and even sustain in case you have begun or want to return to fitness training. Thus, exercise for a long time in high intensity will not be possible. It is also possible you might never exercise as desired at such a level in case you have specific problems like a heart problem or medical condition. The most practical and safest way is beginning out at a very low intensity as you increase gradually in case it is what your doctor has recommended. You can also think about interval training that alternates short high intensity bursts of fast walking and lower walking intensity or running, if you can and the doctor has no problem with it.

It is true high intensity is a type of exercise making the most of glycogen and glucose in comparison to fat. In this case, high intensity should refer to those kinds of exercises easily maintained for a number of minutes prior to one becoming exhausted or simple anaerobic exercise. Low intensity exercises make use of a lot of fat to fuel the motions. Moderate intensity training exercises maintained for about twenty minutes or so are generally anaerobic exercises and highly burns both glucose and fat.

If you can, it is better to exercise within the aerobic zone often due to the fact that high intensity exercises will burn out extra total calories. Rather than being mislead, you will melt lots of fat as compared to glucose once you have started working with very low intensity while at the same time you will burn a lesser number of total calories and a reduced total fat level.

It is worth indicating the percentage level of burned fat does not have anything to do with weight reduction but what counts is the total calorie number that has been burned. You can thus ignore a machine and go ahead to exercise as aerobically as you can. The result comes with a bonus where you have aerobic exercise and workouts strengthening the cardiovascular system and the heart, improving the levels of cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

Do not forget to take supplements to boost your fat burning training workouts while at the same time observing a proper diet to make sure the gains you make are not lost.

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