Hair Loss Nutrition?  Hair  Loss  Nutrition

Hair Loss Nutrition? Hair Loss Nutrition

Question by swtxgoodbai: hair loss Nutrition?Can hair loss be a sign of poor nutrition and poor meal schedules? What is the average hair loss for a female adult per day?  Is it possible that hair tied too tight might cause this? Or is hair loss (at the root) a sign related to the internal?

Answer by Tracy CHair loss is a sign you are lacking vitamins in your diet, but has nothing to do with meal schedules. It’s a 100 strands per day and wearing your hair really tight pulls on the hair and it breaks off and ends on the floor.

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well women loses 80 hairs a day so maybe thats what ur talkin bout. or if thats not it then u dont clean ur hair very good. when u get a chance take a shower and shampoo ur hair really goo i mean srcub really hard and when ur down u’ll here a squeky sound i no its wierd but that means its really clean then make sure u condition ur hair to it will make it soft and easy to brush. so try that. and sorry that i cant spell im only 16! lol

I had a problem with hair loss about a year ago. I did some reseach, I read that anymore than about 100 strands a day is too many. Also, a lack of protein in your diet and stress are major causes. I also read that if you are experiencing hair loss not to wear your hair back tightly too often.

This hair loss scared me to death, so I cut my hair a little shorter, quit wearing my hair back so much and I made sure I ate alot more protein. Eventually my hairloss stopped, I think now I lose less hair over the course of two days then I was losing in one before. Good Luck!

People shed hair seasonal. Yes, tight hair doos do cause hair loss.

Olive oil is good for hair growth.

How much are you losing? You could have alopecia, a hair loss conditon. Someone I know has alopecia areata, where you lose all of the hair on your body. There is no cure, and it doesn’t grow back.

I would advice you to try simple home based remedies for any kind of acne,skin and hair problems.This information on this website sure did help me so here goes

It is entirely possible that hair loss can be caused by poor nutrition and diet… however, there are lots of reasons why a woman could be losing her hair. The AVERAGE woman loses between 80-100 hairs per day but this can fluctuate by her cycle as well as the season. Hair being pulled too tightly for LONG periods of time can result in what is called traction alopecia… This CAN reverse itself if the hair is allowed to move freely.

Have you had any bloodwork done by a doctor? It could be thyroid related, a reaction to medicine you are taking (such as BCPs), stress related, auto immune failure, PCOS… any number of things…

I am a member of a great forum for women who are suffering from hair loss and you could visit there and ask all the questions you have and they will be able to answer them in more detail for you… You can visit them at

Poor diet will affect your hair as well as stress such as tight pony tails and braids. But some hair loss is normal. If you see patches falling out, you should get it checked by a doctor. This site has some info that may help

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