How to Wear the Pedometer

How to Wear the Pedometer

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This digital pedometer counts walking or running steps according to the movement of your waist.

Warning: Before using this item you should complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and / or consult your personal physician.

How to Wear the Pedometer

Attach at your waist level to your belt or waist band while maintaining a horizontal position.

Note: Improper positioning of the pedometer may result in incorrect data. See figure 3.

Setting the Time

  1. 1.Press the Mode button until the time appears (will have A or P at the end).
  2. 2.Press and hold the Set button until the “hours” number flashes. Increase the “hours” number by pressing the Up button.
  3. 3.Once the correct hour is reached, press the set button which will cause the minute to start flashing.
  4. 4.The minute is now ready to be set and can be increased by pressing the Up button.
  5. 5.Press Set once the correct time has been reached. See figure 1.

Note: If the pedometer does not respond when the buttons are pressed, press the Reset button on the back of the pedometer. See figure 2.

Determining your Stride Length

  1. 1.Take a normal step.
  2. 2.Measure the distance from the heel of one foot to the toes of your other.
  3. 3.You need this measurement (in cm) to effectively use your pedometer.

Clearing the Memory

  1. 1.With the pedometer in “time” display, press the Mode button once. This is the step mode.
  2. 2.To clear the memory, press and hold the Up button for 2 seconds and the step count returns to zero.

Setting your Weight and Stride Length

  1. 1.In the step mode, press and hold the Set button for 2 seconds. This causes the weight values (in kg) to flash.
  2. 2.To increase the weight, press the Up button until your weight has been reached.
  3. 3.Press Set. The stride values (in cm) will now flash.
  4. 4.To increase the stride setting, press the Up button.
  5. 5.Once the correct value is reached, press the Set button.

Note: Once the stride and weight is set it will be memorised by the pedometer until the battery is removed. Once a new battery is installed the weight in the pedometer will revert to 10 kg and the stride length will revert to 10 cm.