Laxative Danger - Choose a Safe Healthy Alternative to Beat Constipation

Laxative Danger - Choose a Safe Healthy Alternative to Beat Constipation

Laxative Danger - Choose a Safe Healthy Alternative to Beat Constipation

Almost $900 million is spent every year to buy laxatives in the United States of America. That is a lot of laxatives purchased! Laxatives are pretty much the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they are thinking about ways to relieve constipation.

Laxatives are sold over-the-counter in every drugstore and pharmacy. Laxatives are so common and so often used that many people don’t realize that laxative use can have serious risks.

There are several main kinds of laxatives using different methods to get the same result — remove blockages in the intestine and colon. Each type of laxative contains different risks for the user. The three main kinds of laxatives are osmotic, bulk forming, and stimulant types of laxatives.

In this article, we are going to review the potential dangers of each type of laxative and show you a much more healthy alternative to relieving constipation.

Osmotic laxatives — this type of laxative takes your body’s fluids and draws them into the intestines through osmosis. By adding more fluid to your intestine it causes more bulk in your stool and basically turns your stool into diarrhea so that it is easier to pass out of your body. The problem with osmotic laxatives is that it can really cause severe dehydration and a lot of cramping and bloating. This is also a slow acting laxative and it can sometimes take several days to work.

Bulk forming laxatives — these types of laxatives use highly absorbent fiber usually to increase the contents of the school in your colon, and this causes the bowels to force out the increased matter and expel it. You’ve probably heard that fiber is good for your colon and it often is. However using bulk forming laxatives can actually hurt you because they have the potential to clog your bowels and stop you up even worse. If you choose to use bulk forming laxatives you need to drink a lot of water, otherwise the bulk forming laxative can be like concrete in your colon and make your constipation worse. Psyllium is a common ingredient in bulk forming laxatives however there have been reports of serious allergic reactions following the ingestion of psyllium, so watch out.

Stimulant laxatives — these are some of the worst types of unhealthy laxatives. The ingredients often contain toxic and harsh chemicals that cause your intestinal walls to spasm and contract and this will give you severe cramping. These are actually some of the most popular laxatives as they work very quickly. You may have heard of some of these stimulant laxatives: senna, casgara sagrada, Dulcolax, and Ex-Lax.

It is important to be aware of the potential threats to your health when using laxative products.

Constipation is one of the first signs of toxic build up in your colon and it is a warning sign not to be taken lightly. Masking the predicament by downing laxatives does not deal with the root of the problem.

Laxatives don’t really attack the source of your constipation however, a healthy natural colon cleanse will.

If you want true lasting relief from constipation you will want to do a gentle colon cleanse (not a laxative) for better and more healthy results.

My favorite overnight gentle colon cleanse is an oxygen based colon cleanse that is safe and natural.

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