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Maternity Health Insurance website

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based on your needs. In most cases, private health insurance comes through a person''s employer, who picks up the majority of the cost of premiums. However, today many people, who are either self-employed or who work for a company that doesn''t offer health insurance, find it necessary to obtain quality affordable health insurance for children. At the same time, consumer needs to make sure they at least get a PPO ( ) style negotiated price through their health insurance carriers before they meet their deductibles – otherwise savings of the affordable health insurance may go way. More and more doctors and hospitals are getting it in writing from the patients that they will be paying usual and customary charges instead of lower PPO negotiated prices. This trend itself can make Consumer Driven Health and Medical Insurance unattractive. I am in early pregnancy but I have no health coverage. Do I have options? I know I cant be the only one whos had this problem. I changed jobs about a month before I found out I was pregnant. I have 30 days before I can qualify for insurance but the policy says they wont cover "pre-existing" conditions, including pregnancy existing on the date of coverage. Can they deny a pregnant women coverage? Even if I did qualify, the deductible is 00 which is about the cost of maternity care and delivery anyways. Do I have any options so this pregnancy wont be a huge financial burden?

I forgot to mention that we make too much for qualify for state aid.

I know its not the most proud thing to do but you can go on medicaid atleast until after the baby is have to be under a certain income but there is no harm in calling to find out. Then find out how long you have to wait until after the baby is born to get on your regular insurance. WIC is a program for "women,infants and children" that gives you vouchers for different foods so you eat healthy while your pregnant and then after the baby is born if your bottle feeding then they give you vouchers for formula....wic is not any kind of medical coverage.Look in your local phone book under the government section...sometimes in the front of the book, under your county there should be all sorts of numbers that go to different offices in your courthouse, look for human services, or just dial one and tell them what your looking for and they can probably transfer you. I had to do this when I found out I was pregnant and my works insurance co. wouldnt let me sign up because of a pre-existing condition. I dont know if the program is the same every where, but in WI you dont have to pay any of the doctor/hospital bills...if your unmarried then the father is forced to pay the hospital bill from your delivery, if you are married then chances are you dont pay anything. I say go for it, atleast until after the baby is born, and you dont have to accept food stamps or WIC along with made me feel better turning it down. Look at it this way...where do you think all your tax dollars go????you might as well use them if other people are.... I was totally ashamed when I had to do that, but its for your baby...and you need to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy for a healthy baby. Congratulations and good luck! Get health insurance now before something else happens.

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Hope that helps! Please vote me as best answer! My health insurance does not cover pregnancy/maternity stuff. Is there a special insurace available for? maternity/pregnancy?

Im not pregnant yet but were trying.

Maybe I am reading your question wrong, but are you looking for insurance to cover maternity clothing, and baby accessories, like a crib?

If you are then there isnt a insurance policy in the world that will cover that stuff. You can try social services and see if they can help you out with that. First, go see if you qualify for a state medicaid card from your local department of health and human resources. If not, try this --

MaternityCard Can I get birthcontrol pills prescription ? In my health insurance policy maternity is not included.

Will the doctor gives the prescription if i go?

I cant afford directly to the doctor. So I have to my policy, so that some amount decreases.

Your doctor can most definatly prescribe something in the form of birth control. Often they have free samples. Maternity may not be covered on your policy, but most are now offering BC pills/options at a reduced rate or covered. If not, you can usually go with a generic and they (generic pills) usually run around /month. Compare that cost to a hungry child and you will find the money :) Try going to your local Planned Parenthood; they often supply birth control free of charge.

Also, you get a birth control prescription from your gynecologist. Maternity coverage just relates to pregnancy, not all female health. Call your health plan provider to see what Gyn. doctors you can visit, since it is a part of regular female health care, not maternity. You should go for a checkup at least once a year.

So your policy may cover your visit and prescription after all! :o)

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