STOP!! Have you ever thought about joining a network marketing company?

If you don’t do your research you can easily get SCAMMED!!! There are fly by night MLM companies out there, but with the proper information you don’t have to be a VICTIM!

My name is Jennifer Summers and I am a proud mother of two. I have worked in Southern California real estate for the past 8 years, and with the horrific down-sizing in my industry I have been looking for additional financial avenues to support my family and raise my children.

I want to bring my story to you with as many details as I can recall from my encounters with YOR Health and the people who got me involved. I know this will be long but it should shine some light on this company and what they are doing here in Orange County. So here goes…

Several weeks ago a life long friend of my family introduced me to a Network Marketing company called YOR Health. They focus on selling enzyme based nutritional products. The only MLM exposure I have had in the past was from an ex-boyfriend of mine, who LOST A LOT OF MONEY and ended up with a lot of products he never could sell or even use. He also became very angry and abusive during this time. So needless to say I was less than thrilled to hear about YOR Health or any network marketing company for that matter.

My friend Sarah had invited me to a tasting party several Sundays ago. She is a highly successful business woman and very well known in our area as a top real estate agent. Her home is located in one of the most beautiful areas in all of Orange County, with breathtaking views from all angles. I didn’t know what to expect really but figured it would be a good time to catch up with her, since we had barely kept touch for the past few years. Upon arrival I noticed there were a fairly large amount people attending this party, probably around 25 or so. When Sarah answered the door my jaw hit the floor. She looked about 10 years younger than the last time I had seen her. Of course she instantly had my attention. As I started to mingle with the other guests the chatter among them seemed to be about her transformation as well.

She presented us with a berry drink and then let all of us know that she was going to share her secret with us shortly. To be honest I thought she was going to tell us she underwent some crazy surgery or something. After everyone got settled, she began telling us about an amazing new line of products that has turned back the clock on her life, and that she was so excited to be able to share them with us today.

I thought to myself, “Oh boy here we go with the MLM pitch”. At that moment I really felt bad and sorry for all the people that were invited to the tasting. But what Sarah said next shocked me. She told us that she was not actually a representative for YOR Health, but rather her son was, and that her son introduced the product line to her and expressed his concern to Sarah about her health. She said that he referred to her health as a ticking time bomb! And that he loved her to much to sit back and do nothing.

She went on to say because of her son’s love for her she decided to give it a shot and stick to it, and it has changed her life, and turned back her “biological clock”. Because of her life changing experience with the products Sarah had invited us to her house to try some of the products and to get our feedback if we would be interested in YOR Health and would want to go into a business opportunity to sell it with her. She called us the finest group of people she could ever think of to start a business with!

Most of us agreed that seeing Sarah’s transformation was pretty overwhelming evidence she had been doing something right, and many of the guests were seriously considering the idea. Sarah then introduced her son Curt, whom I have known since I was a little girl. Curt also looked like he had slimmed out quite a bit, and seemed to be bursting with energy. He was very polite and told us how excited he was that so many of us had made it out to meet on a Sunday so close to the Holidays. Curt then said that today was a very special day for YOR Health because the company was broadcasting their first ever live event on the Internet. Curt had a TV setup in the main room, and connected to a yorhealth website to watch the live feed. The TV displayed a countdown clock with about 15 minutes remaining until it began.

While we were waiting some of the guests had began to ask Curt some questions about YOR Health. One of the questions that stood out to me was when a gentleman asked Curt why YOR Health is different than any other nutritional company out there. Curt explained to us the difference between “good” nutrition, and “effective” nutrition. He said that putting all the essentials into a pill means nothing if your body is unable to absorb it. Curt claims that YOR Health uses high quality ingredients and enzyme delivery systems to increase the effectiveness of each product they bring to the market. Curt went on to say that the proof is you! You will feel the difference even with something as basic as the yor health’s daily vitamin. Curt’s enthusiasm about this product line alone was enough to make me want to try it out.

Also during this time Curt began handing out very professional leather folders to all the guests. The folders contained his business card, a notepad, a couple forms and a pen so that everyone could take notes while watching the live event.

After a few more questions the lights dimmed and the live event began. When the video started you could see a very large crowd of people. I was told later that there were over 700 people attending the event, and it was taking place here in Orange County. The first speaker stressed concern about how the United States is not only experiencing financial difficulties, but also health problems. He didn’t seem to dwell too much on the negative side of things, but rather he seemed to focus on why YOR Health was such an exciting company to be a part of right now. He also talked a little bit about what Curt had mentioned to us earlier regarding “effective” nutrition with enzymes formulas.

The next speaker was an older gentleman with a lot of energy and all smiles. I believe he was a former Network Marketing guru or a founder of a MLM Company of some sort. He mentioned that a company like YOR Health only comes around once in your lifetime, and that they are on the verge of “take off”. He then forecasted that YOR Health would be the next multi-billion dollar MLM to emerge, and he had very little doubt otherwise. This really seemed to get the crowd roaring, and even Curt commented to everyone at the party that coming from this owner, that is really saying a lot.

Next was a Doctor that sits on the YOR Health board, he talked about the “all-star” lineup of medical and nutritional doctors associated with YOR Health. He was followed by a group of Athletes that both use and endorse the YOR Health products. Up to this point everything seemed really nice, but it was mostly a lot of general information about the company.

BUT the next part of the event was very informative and eye opening. A very well built younger gentleman began talking about the YOR Health products. In all he probably spoke about eight different products. Two of the products he talked about really stood out to me.

The first was a meal shake. He explained that it was not a protein shake like most people drink when they work out, but rather a shake that would help you replace an entire meal and help curb your appetite. He also explained how replacing your meals with this shake would save you money vs. normal meal costs. I thought that was a pretty clever marketing angle, and made sense as long as the shake tastes good!

The other product that caught my attention was the YOR Health vitamin. This seemed to be a shocking parallel to my personal life, because I had just talked to my mother the day before the party about her heart health. My mother told me that she finally found something that was helping her strengthen her heart and it was called CoQ10. Come to find out as I was sitting in Sarah’s living room, this yor health vitamin has 100mg of CoQ10 in it, and astoundingly that was just 1 of the long list of ingredients in the vitamin.

Shortly after the gentleman had finished talking about the products he gave a short testimonial about how the products improved his digestion. He then called up a very stunning Asian woman who claimed to have been taking the products since the company started. Her before picture showed quite an amazing body transformation, but it didn’t stop there. She then disclosed her age. She was over 40 years of age, and it was at that point that many of Sarah’s guests started chattering with excitement.

Much like Sarah’s transformation, I felt the story was too good to be true and that something else had to be at play. I guess I felt a little bit annoyed that someone who was almost a decade older than myself looked younger and appeared to have more energy than I did. Regardless, something was transforming these women and I wanted in!

As the next segment of the event was beginning, Curt appeared to have some issues with the internet connection, and he was unable to reconnect to the online event. Curt & Sarah didn’t seem too bummed about losing the connection, and started right into serving samples of the products. Later I found out that the yor health online video stuff had crashed due to overload of viewers.

During the sampling I was anxious to try out the meal shake. I am a big fan of anything chocolate, so it was my first choice to start with. Curt presented me with 2 variations of the chocolate “MRP” which I was told stands for Meal Re-Placement. The first one was mixed with just water, and my first response to it was that it tasted much better than I thought it would, it was actually quite enjoyable, but I was not sure if I would be able to drink it day in and day out. The second variation of the chocolate mrp was mixed with a small amount of bananas. WOW! I have to admit this tasted wonderful. Immediately I asked Curt if I could review the nutrition facts for the product because I could not believe this drink could make me healthier and possible lose weight.

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