The Wiifit and Mii: WiiFit for Sciience.

The Wiifit and Mii: WiiFit for Sciience.

Okay, here’s the lowdown. My house bought a Wii. With Wiifit. We also bought Mini Ninjas, the new Harry Potter game, and Link’s Crossbow Training.

Now after Matt has gotten blind drunk for science, I too must put myself through grief and pain in the name of Armchair Diplomat. Hence I offer unto you, our readers, a story; me putting myself through an exercise regime and writing about it.

I’m planning to do the following. Consider this a manifesto, perhaps…

The device in question.
The device in question.
  1. I will do approx. 30 minutes of WiiFit a day. I’ll mix up the different activities (yoga, balance games, cardio, and muscle).
  2. If I find 30 minutes not enough, I’ll do more as I see fit. But 30 mins at a minimum.
  3. I may mix in a little WiiSports, but to be honest, only the boxing game will offer any cardio work. So maybe some of that.
  4. In 2 months, I’d like to lose 10kg. That is just over a kilo a week. Achievable? I think its 1.3-1.4 kg a week.
  5. In case I cannot achieve 1.4kg a week, I am happy to extend it to three months (still putting me in time for summer).

I’m a moderately healthy guy (apart from a copious love of food, booze and smokes). I’m a touch on the heavy side (weighing in at 96.1kg), and do little-to-no exercise. I smoke just under a pack a day, drink only a moderate amount (a night drinking will only be 5-6 drinks, light drunkenness, and rather infrequently), but love my food. Okay, so I’m not actually that healthy.

So after some prompting from the housemates I start up WiiFit and begin the basic test.

It asks you height, what you are wearing, and gets you to do some simple balance games. It weighs you. It tells you that you are obese.

And then it calculates your WiiFit age…

I’m apparently thirty-five; ten years older than I am.

And, quite cruelly, has made my Mii (my Wii avatar dude, a striking likeness) look very fat and bloaty. If motivation enough didn’t cut it, the quest for Nintendo to recognise my efforts and display a less fat avatar should do it. The fucking gall…

Alas and alack. So, I begin my journey in the best way possible: hoola hooping. I figure that the way I’ll ease myself into it would be mixing up the fun and not-so-fun activities. Doing some of these silly things breaks up a routine, so I start hoola hooping.

I think the wiiSexyJapaneseMaid is an optional extra.
I think the Wii SexyJapaneseMaid is an optional extra.

And, I’m fucking ashamed to admit it, it was really fun.

From hooping to balancing on a tightrope, to trying to balance some marbles into holes, I was really enjoying myself, even if my housemates were watching a laughing (both at and with me).

Then the actual exercise stuff; jogging. I did a few of these jogging runs, both short ones and long ones, and one with Dylan (who completely outpaced me). And I broke a light sweat, and felt quite good…

This was followed by some yoga, which, oddly enough, I also enjoyed. Some of them were just too tricky for me to hold for as long as they wanted, but it was a nice way to relax after the jogging.

And, yes, I’m aware all of this sounds ridiculous. I hate going to gyms, going for runs really murders my feet, legs and back. And it is cold outside. And, worse of all, I get so bored. Its relaxing to be jogging and cleaning the kitchen. Multitasking the shit outta my life.

So: every day I’m going to hit the loungeroom, and do some exercise. I’m going to watch what I eat, and whilst not getting stupid on the dieting, I’ll try and cut out the obviously bad stuff, and cut down on how much I actually eat. And I’m going to write about how its going, what routine I’m doing, and I’ll do a weekly write up charting my progress or (hopefully not) lack thereof.

Wish me luck.

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