Treatment strep throat.

Treatment strep throat.

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Strep Throat Treatment and Remedies to Cure Strep and Sore Throats ?

Strep throat, will most likely be treated by prescribing an oral antibiotic

Strep Throat Treatment vs. Treatment for Viral Throat Infection

The treatment of throat infections depend on the cause of the infection.

Infection may be the cause of a virus or bacterial infection, such as Strep.

In the case of a virus, it is not helpful to take antibiotics, as there is no

Strep throat on the other hand is bacterial and does respond to antibiotics.

It is impossible to predict from the look of the throat, or the degree of pain,

whether the cause is a bacterium. Most viruses subside in a few days, and

therefore the longer the infection has lasted, the more likely it is bacterial

infection and best treated with an antibiotic.

Strep throat treatment suggestions to help relieve the symptoms of strep

gargle with warm salt water - 3/4 teaspoon of salt to 8 ounces of warm

water (expel the liquid after gargling)

Avoid citrus products like orange juice

Active Manuka Honey � consume Active Manuka Honey (UMF10+), this honey has proven

antibacterial action against many bacterium, including Streptococcus

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