Where did instant tea come from?

Where did instant tea come from?

Instant tea is a common name in American households.America has a fast living pace. Everything has to be fast so we can acheive a certain amount of work load in a day.

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Brewing tea is a luxury that most of Americans can''t afford. So the tea in tiny bags (instant tea) seems to be the best solution to enjoy a cup of this wonderful drink.

The person that should receive the most credit for introducing instant tea to America is Thomas Lipton. He is the founder of Lipton tea. Lipton instant tea is very familair to most households in America.

Thomas Lipton was originally from Irish. He was a successful business man with many retail stores.When the coffee market was crashing, Lipton decided to venture into tea business in London.

Lipton began to look at the tea plantation in Ceylon. In 1891, he bought many large plantations and officially entered the tea business.In London at the time, tea was mostly reserved for the social elites. What about the mass of working-class people?

Seeing this as a great opportunity, Lipton decided to sell tea for working-class people.

However, those people don''t have time for boiling water and brewing tea. Lipton thought of instant tea in small package. Pour the tea into hot water. Wait a minute or two... There you have a cup of tea! Later on, instant tea spread to America about the time of World War II. Instant tea have just found a booming and lucrative market.

Today, about 95% of tea consumed in America are made from black tea. 60% of tea are consumed through instant tea. Most tea in tea bags (instant tea) must be chopped into small bits to increase the surface area of the tea in water.

We want every area of the tea to be in contact with the water.To make the fragrance of instant tea distinguished, chopped tea are flavored and scented with artifical fruit such as lemon or orange. Overtime, this way of drinking tea began to travel back to the tea''s origins in China and Japan in 1980s.

Young Chineses and Japaneses are too busy with the fast lifestyle, enjoying tea instantly gradually became more popular. The traditional ways of drinking tea are still practiced.

Tea bags: Practical and High-Quality?

Tea bags were first invented in 1908 by Thomas Sullivan. Thomas was in the tea business and needed a cost efficient way to advertise his tea. He thought of placing finely chopped tea into tiny bag connected with a small drink. To brew, people just have to dunk the bag of tea into hot water. However, this way of enjoying tea was not become so popular until 1950s. It was introduced to England and was very successful. Tea bags are very familiar to Americans. In America, everything is expected to be fast and efficient.

There are just not enough hours in a day for any of us to slow down!

Every morning, there is only 30 min for you to be ready. Want to enjoy the tea you brew? Can''t. Got to go!

You grab a bag of tea. Dunk it into your hot cup of water. Wait...! Drink it really fast.

Convenient? Yes

High Quality tea? May be!

Want to find out something about tea in bags?... here we go...

* Half of tea consumed in America are in tea-bag form.

* Tea in bags is mixture of more than 15 teas.

* A large mixture of tea to easily replace a type of tea depending on availability.

* Tea bagging companies are extremely competitive. They would want cheaper teas.

* Low-priced teas are cheaper to decrease the cost.

* Low-priced teas are harvested more often

* Dust of tea (what remains after high-quality tea leaves are selected) sometimes are used for tea bags

* 1/2 pound can fill more than 100 bags (means more than 100 cups of teas)

* The bags that contains tea serves as filters

* Excellent cup of tea can obtain if high-quality tea are put in the bags

* Brewing tea in bags properly also yield a good cup of tea.

* Tea in bags will loose its essence if brewing more than one

So is tea still be good tea even in bags? ... Yes! If the tea is good when it goes into the bag.

The following article is written by David Giusti on the benefits of reusing tea bags from instant tea. We think this article might be interesting since instant tea or tea bags are so popular here in America. This article serves for informational purpose only.

Reusing Your Tea Bags

By David Giusti With Tea becoming the beverage of fashion throughout the world, new practices are quickly springing up. One of which is reusing tea bags. For some this is standard, but in a world where everything is individual sized and disposable, reusing tea bags rarely is thought of; especially when the relative cheapness of a tea bag is considered.

But as I said before, tea is becoming the fashion, which also means it is becoming big business. What that means to the consumer is options. As many have noticed the selection of tea bags is rapidly growing, and the quality of the teas included in them is getting better. No longer are there only standard tea bags with the low quality tea dust, but a new era has dawned with the Gourmet Tea Bag revolution. Inside of these tea bags, there is high quality loose tea giving higher health values, a better taste and aroma, and tea bags you can reuse.

Though many companies choose not to promote this option, companies such as Sabaidi Tea Co., Ltd., are not only promoting the reusing of tea bags, but also creating products such as the Sabaidi Tea Stand, that along with their tea bags have been specially designed to work with each other to greatly aide in the practice of reusing tea bags.

For those who have never reused their tea bags before, I am sure you are asking yourselves, Why? Well, there are a few reasons:

1. Many are choosing to buy the high quality gourmet tea bags for their higher health benefits, better taste and aroma, and unique blends. The only problem there is that the gourmet tea bags are a bit more expensive. So if you are drinking 3-5 cups of tea a day, reusing 1 tea bag versus using 3-5 tea bags can be a difference quickly noticed.

2. Tea is commonly associated with its many health benefits. By getting into the practice of reusing your tea bag, you can fully maximize the health benefits available, not to mention fully hydrating your body.

3. Taste is perhaps a question for those thinking about reusing their tea bags. Will the taste be the same if I use my tea bags more than 1 time? The answer is Yes. In fact, the second cup of tea is often times better than the first. After you make you first cup of tea, soaking you tea bag for approximately 2 minutes, take the tea bag out and hang it on your Tea Stand (or if you don’t have a tea stand, put the tea bag in a plate or wherever is best for you). Then with each additional use, soak the tea bag for increasing increments until a desired taste is received. Depending on how strong you like your tea, you can get 3-5 cups per bag.

Reusing your tea bags is a good way to not only save yourself money, but also strengthen your health, and as Sabaidi Tea Co. says, “Your Health is Everything.”

About AuthorThis article, along with other tips and motivation for living a healthy lifestyle can be found at the http://www.sabaidi.net/health http://www.sabaidi.net/health Article source: Ezineartcles.com

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