Why do Vets only push cheap dog food?

Why do Vets only push cheap dog food?

Why do Vets only push cheap dog food?

It seems like most Vets only carry bottom quality dog food.

Are they getting more money than they would if they pushed a high quality food?

Are they simply not knowledgeable enough about good nutrition?

Or is it to cause more health problems which means more business for them?

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These crap food companies PAY the vets to carry and recommend the food. Sadly, most of the vets I have seen know very little about good dog foods.

I moved to a new area and tried out a new vet (but I promptly found a new better vet for various reasons) that sold Science Diet in the front of the clinic. She asked me why I was feeding my dog Wellness. She said I was wasting my money on a food that wasn’t any better than Science Diet. I asked her if she had read the ingredients labels of the two bags lately. She of course said no. Then she preceded to look my very neutered yorkie over and ask me if he was fixed. Isnt that fairly obvious? I mean, I’m no vet. . . but come on! Needless to say, I didn’t go back to that particular vet.

Some do it because they get kickbacks from the dog food companies.

Some do it because they get sick of so many clients telling them they don’t want to spend a lot of money on dog food. Why bother suggesting a premium food if the person is just going to go out and buy Purina anyway?

I was told by a vet that was a friend of mine that nutritional vaule of dog food is a very SMALL part of their classes. Vets really do not know that much about pet nutirition. In their classes they learn more about procedures not nutrition.

ADDED: ALaskin J Below me: Sceince diet, Iams and puriena are the WORST possible foods that you could feed you dog. You really need to do some research yourself. NEVER feed foods with By product, wheat, corn or soy in the lables!! Proven fact !! Corn is not digestable and is just used as a cheap filler, certain breeds such as the Akitas Should NEVER BE GIVIN SOY, wheat is a main skin allergin as well as corn and by products are the left over crap that is not human consumable. Please before you back something 100% know what you are talking about.

I am a Veterinary Technician and I know the only food my clinic pushes is Science Diet. That is what we sell and we back it up 100%, it is an excellent food that has specifics like J/D for joint disease, K/D for kidney disease, etc. . . the list goes on. We do tell people that purina and Iams are good foods but we don’t sell them.

So I’m not sure what vet you spoke with or what they are selling but that’s sad. A vet and even a tech like me should have an education on what is proper food and nutrients for a dog.

Most vets get kickbacks for pushing different brands. Also, their classes in nutrition are almost always sponsored by Hills (Science Diet) so they’re taught that the worse foods are actually good.

Some vets are trained in nutrition. . . I tend to read and listen to what they (and straight up nutritionists) say.

PS: Hills isn’t HORRID if you get a specific formula but it can be easily beaten in value by the majority of real high-quality foods. If your vet is telling you that your dog needs Science Diet, Purina, Iams or Eukanuba. . . talk to a nutritionist first!

They get paid big bucks to sell it.

Not only do they keep the money they make, the deals with the food comany to support it and prescribe it gets the hospital bills paid by the company. If a vet refuses to sell the food, they risk losing their license to practice.

Most vets that I associate with do not carry ANY normal diet dog foods any more. You will find that many vets are starting to carry only foods that aren’t even available to the general public and are available by proscription only.

The reason for this shift is because the “exotic” dog food trend has caused a major problem for special needs dogs with allergies. All because so many of the common ingredients in “test diets” are now in general use rendering them useless for testing.

Most well intending people have no idea how sensitivities to allergens in a dog develop. You simply do not put your dog on corn (or any other ingredient) and 2 days later declare that your dog is allergic to it. That is not how allergies work.

Where did anyone get the idea that there is all that much mark up in a bag of dog food? It is only by selling in VOLUME that there is any money in it. Thus Wall Mart, Petco, and Pets Mart. Any vet relying on dog food sales for their living is in the hurts.

good question. . I don’t think a lot of them are knowledgeable anymore.

my cat vet still says that Iams is a good food and i argue with her every time. Iams used to be a good food until they lowered their quality so they could sell it in walmart and other super markets.

Iams made my cat very overweight and when i posted on here the one time. . they told me it’s like feeding mcdonalds to your animals daily, and i believed it.

My dogs’ vet has never tried pushing any kind of food on me. They only sell medi-cal and Orijen. They also offer an incentive that if you buy 5 bags, you get the 6th free. Most pet stores are buy 12 bags and get the 13th free. So by having my dog on a very good quality food it actually saves me money on potential vet bills as well as the actual cost of food.

i think it all boils down to money really. That’s what it’s always about.

No, vets don’t get more money to push cheap foods. . just like any other business that sells food they must buy any foods they sell at wholesale and sell it for retail. . . plain & simple.

Most vets aren’t that up on nutrition. They only get general nutrition classes in school and this covers cats to rats, dogs to hogs. (and nO they aren’t sponsored by any food companies). Vets tend to recommend foods they hear the most about and see advertised.

And NO they don’t sell it so it causes more health problems in order to get more business. . . that is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!

*****vets do NOT get “paid big bucks” nor do they get “kickbacks” to sell any food. ***************

*******pens, pencils, note pads etc have nothing to do with a product a vet sells or recommends. Reps from all types of companies leave those things as advertisements. . . you will find a lot of it comes from places the vet even sell or deal with. I know that happens a lot at the hospital where I work. . we have a lot of things left from reps whose companies we don’t buy from. ***********

My Vets never pushed any dog food and only sold specialty foods They gave free samples of Science Diet treats and such. My American Pit had food allergies and was put on Eukanuba F/P (fish and potato). $70. 00 for a 30 lb bag. I was so glad when she grew out of it and I switched to a lamb and rice food.

They pay them to promote their product, as pharmaceutical companies do at doctors. Next time your at the vet or even your own doctor look at the clock, pens, note pads, etc. There is a;ways a logo of a drug and 9 out of ten times you will be recommended that medication or in the vets case, dog food.

my vet has never “pushed” a food on us, but when I asked what they recommend I feed they said Purina. They also happened to have lots of Purina things hanging up.

I don’t know what kind of veterinarians you’ve been dealing with, but it sounds like you need to find a new one. Most hospitals generate very little revenue from food sales because the carry very little. Mine only carries prescription diets by Hills & Royal Canin. If your doctors are in it only to make their patients sick, then there is something seriously wrong with them. They may “push” high quality food because they think it’s best for the pet, because they have their health in mind.

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