Home Health Nursing Provided by Hospice

Home health nursing will require the hospice RN to make daily or weekly visits and provide care and counseling to the patient. The RN will work through a hospice program and will spend a significant amount of time with the patient and their family during the end of life care. Here we will find out more regarding this type of position, the role and responsibility and learn about the services provided by the hospice RN.

The Hospice Home Health RN: Job Responsibilities and Services Offered

Working as a hospice RN you will be traveling to an assisted living facility, nursing home or a patient’s home. You will visit a patient weekly, taking the patient’s vitals, speaking with the caregivers or family members and assessing the patient’s condition. The RN is responsible for managing the patient’s medications and coaching family and staff regarding end of life care in order to ensure that the patient is comfortable at all times.

The hospice RN will also assist staff and family with feeding and bathing the patient, provide bedding changes, and work closely with the patient’s primary care physician. If the patient resides in an assisted living facility or nursing home the RN will need to meet with the facilities resident care coordinator in order for the RCC to make changes to the patient’s service plan. The RN will order medical supplies for the patient, such as a bedside commode, wound care supplies, medications, grab bars and hospital beds. They will also help the patient’s family by informing them of services available through hospice, such as one on one care, hospice shower aides, and aides that can visit in order to assist the resident with eating. The RN’s main focus will be to ensure the patient maintains their quality of life and is provided with the necessary end of life care in order to make them comfortable as they pass.

The Salary for the Hospice RN

The salary for this type of position will depend on the RN’s years of experience in the field; whether they work on-call shifts and the type of facility they are employed with. As an RN that is just starting out in this career field, you can expect an annual salary that will range from 40,000$ to 42,000$ while a more experienced RN will have an annual salary of 44,000$ to 50,000$.

Home health nursing can also involve working with patient’s that need assistance with wound care, dressing changes and medication monitoring. These types of positions are available through hospitals and other types of medical facilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about home health nursing in this field, the education requirements and the job description, you can take a look at this article, which will also talk about other types of home health care services.

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