Natural Radiance Product Review

I received some sample products from a company called Natural Radiance a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to let you guys know what I thought of the products.

They sent me 2 masks, (which I got to pick out myself) and 2 samples of their Nose Pore Strips.


Natural radiance specializes in Korean skincare products. They specialize in Korean face masks for men and women, but they also carry skin care products for the eyes,nose,hands, and feet.


Our goal at Natural Radiance is to provide you with a wide selection of high quality Korean skin care products in conjunction with courteous, personalized, and professional service.We care about your skin and we want to help you discover alternative "Eastern" methods to managing your skin.

The first product that I picked and tried out was the anti-stress heat therapy oatmeal mask. (that”s a mouth full!!)

I picked out this mask because I have normal skin, and every once and a while I can use some hydration. I also thought the "anti-stress" and heating properties would be interesting to try out.

  • I like that the mask actually does heat up. It feels very soothing on the skin.
  • This product does seem to have an "anti-stress" property to it, in my opinion.
  • My #1 problem with this mask is the crazy amount of fragrance.
  • It doesn”t have that "natural smell" that oatmeal should have. In fact I had trouble finding anything that remotely reminded me of oatmeal in this mask.
  • I don”t feel that this mask was very hydrating or even moisturizing, which is to be expected from a product made of oatmeal.

I was pretty disappointed in this mask, and I would not recommend it. I just think that there is way too much fragrance, and not enough results.

Here is what Natural radiance has to say about this product:

PUREDERM Raspberry Collagen Masque is specially formulated with Raspberry Extract, Collagen and Vitamin E. It provides rich nutrition and intense moisture on tired skin. Natural pulp sheet prevents skin trouble and provide close adhesion to the face.

  • My face felt really soft afterwards, which I loved.
  • The only downer about this product was the smell. This product contains fragrance (like the mask above) and has a very strong raspberry cough syrup smell to it.The smell did die down once I put the actual mask on my face though.

All in all this mask did its job and made my skin feel really good

My first impression of the nose pore strips was a good one.I had never used a black charcoal nose strip before so I was definitely excited.

These work and perform just as well as any other pore strip I have tried.

Results will vary depending on how many blackheads you have.

I think if you are into pore strips you should give these a try!

Those are all the products I have for you guys today.

If you have not read my blog disclaimer, then its good to point out that I do not receive money for these products.And I never give a flaky review.

They are simply sent for me to review.

No biggie 😉

If you are interested in trying some Korean skincare products check out their website :


I hope you guys enjoyed this review

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