On this page you will find

On this page you will find basics fitness videos and demos, retrieved from Diet.com to help you lose weight fast. We tried to keep it as simple as possible, and bring you simple moves that can be done at home, at any time.

Remember, is up to you to make it happens, no matter how difficult the situation is right now. “The journey of a thousand miles start with the first step”. Start now, do it at your own pace, and get that fit body you always wanted!

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Basic Workouts

You watched Tonya lose the weight on camera, now you can get her favorite exercise moves she used to lose all that body fat. Watch as Tonya puts the producer through a tough workout.

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No. 1 Burning Fat Exercise

Plyometrics push-ups

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Get a Tight End Like Tom Brady

Daily Exercise Demo

We concentrate, of course, on optimal exercises to remove belly fat, but if you want to see all demos go to Diet.com-Fitness.

Lay face down on the fitness ball with your core centered in the middle of the ball. Keep your arms straight in front of you with palms against the floor, just wider than shoulder-width apart, and your legs straight out behind you. Lower body toward the floor bending your arms at your elbows. Make sure to maintain your balance.

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