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Question by Kate T: Prevent acne?

I use target brand acne cleanser and on the bottle it reads “compare to neutrogena,” but unfortunatly I still get pimples on my forehead days later…I don’t know. What are some ways to prevent acne?

the only places are only on my forehead and chin…NOTHING on my cheeks

Answer by DC LadyDo you get acne on other parts of your face? If your acne is limited to your forehead, you might want to consider whether any of the hair products you’re using (hairspray, gels, even residue from your shampoo and conditioner) could be causing the acne. These products can clog pores and tend to cause acne on the forehead and the side of the face. Try to keep your hair off your face and hair products to a minimum. Some hair products are worse for your skin than others, so you might want to try experimenting with a few.

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