Rapid Weight Loss Diets and Long Term Results

Rapid weight loss diets

rapid weight loss diet
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You see them all the time promising super-fast results, and the idea is tempting when you want to lose weight. Rapid weight loss diets can give you results and if you have only a few pounds to lose for your high school reunion, they may be ideal. But for long term sustained weight loss, will you get the results you want?

In order to work, rapid weight loss diets almost always consist of some form of deprivation either of an entire food group or by severely limiting calories. Some offer meal substitutes in the form of shakes or meal replacement bars, and some even cut out solid food all together.

A good rule of thumb to remember about rapid weight loss diets is that they were designed to drop pounds quickly, and that the more you have to give up from a regular well balanced, healthy diet, the less amount of time you should be on them. It is also pretty safe to say that the faster you lose the weight, and further you stray from regular food intake, the more likely it is that the weight loss cannot be sustained over a long period of time.

If used correctly they can deliver what was promised and be relatively harmless although not healthy. If you have a large number of pounds to lose, starting with a rapid weight loss diet can give you a little jump start to your weight loss plan and a little extra motivation seeing the scale needle go down. The reason these types of diets work is because more often than not they cause other losses from your body that cause the numbers to go down and not fat.

Have you ever seen a promise to lose 10 pounds in a week with such a weight loss plan and thought that is too good to be true? You can lose 10 lbs. in a week, but it won’t be fat and it won’t be sustainable. While the rapid weight loss diets do restrict calories and food severely, even that will not add up to 10 pounds of fat in one week. Sure you feel better and your clothes fit better and you may have lost a pound or even two of actual fat but as soon as you stop the diet, you will gain some of that 10 pounds back. If you jump start your entire diet with a rapid weight loss plan, don’t plan on more than 7 days before you change it.

Rapid weight loss diets
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Rapid Weight Loss Diets

What you lose with these types of plans is for one, water weight. Some of the diets have foods or juices or shakes that actually pull water from the body, others because they are liquid diets, bring the excess fluids from the body causing weight loss and cell shrinkage. If the diet restricts solid food then your stomach capacity will also shrink which causes the decrease in waist size.

When it comes to rapid weight loss diets, the ones that offer meal replacements will usually provide the most nutrition in the form of vitamins and supplements your body needs to function. Severe calorie restriction, or only eating one food group will lead to nutritional deficiencies faster.

If you already work out regularly, plan to continue, but don’t expect to be able to perform at the same levels you did before going on the diet. If you don’t work out, add some exercise to start the process and this will also help keep off the pounds when you return to regular eating.

Do not use a severely restrictive diet for more than 7 days and be sure and consult your doctor about any rapid weight loss diets you decide to try. If you should feel dizzy and weak or have other signs of dehydration or blood sugar issues, know what the proper steps to take to counter them are.

The best way to lose weight and ensure it stays off is through a healthy balanced diet and exercise program. That is the only way to see long term results for your efforts. A change in lifestyle rather than a diet is the best approach. If you need to drop a few pounds quick for whatever reason,rapid weight loss diets can jump start your weight loss but keep in mind the promise of big numbers is not weight that is fat. You will lose water weight and depriving your body of essential nutrients and calories is not beneficial for long term weight loss or health.,

Rapid weight loss diets
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